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THE C.I.S. AVIATION AND SPACE DIRECTORY is the most accurate information on aviation and space customers and potential partners in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS): Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia.
THE C.I.S. AVIATION & SPACE DIRECTORY provides the unique historical and commercial information on over 3,000 organizations of Aviation and Space Industry and Civil Aviation of the CIS and Baltic states.
Combat Airplanes, Combat Helicopters, Communications Equipment, Construction, Consulting, Control Systems, Coordination and Regulation in Industry, Cryogenic and Vacuum Engineering, Customs and Transport Services, Diesel Engines, Electrical Equipment, Environmental Protection, Exhibition Organizing, Export and Import Operations, Financial Operations, Fuels and Lubricants, General Aviation, Ground- and Ship- Launched Missiles, Ground Measuring Equipment, Heat Exchangers, Hydraulic Systems, In-Flight Services, Industrial and Marine Power Plants, Insurance, investigation of Air Incidents, Joint Ventures, Launch Vehicles, Mechanical Systems, Medical Services, Metallurgy, Museums, Navigation Equipment, Optical and Laser Systems, Overalls, Overhaul and Maintenance, Parachutes, Passenger Airplanes, Piston Engines, Pneumatic Systems, Propellers and Rotors, Publicity, Publishing Services, Radars, Representative Offices of Foreign Companies, Rescue and Fire-Fighting Equipment, Rubber Products, Simulators, Software, Space and Missile Propulsion Systems, Spacecraft, Specialized Transport, Technologies of Metal Processing, Technologies of Non-Metal and Composite Processing, Tickets, Tools, Trainers and Sporting Aircraft, Training, Transport Airplanes, Ultralights, Unmanned Flying Vehicles, Welding Technologies, Wing-in-Ground Effect and Air-Cushion Vehicles.

Sample listings

  • 730 aircraft operators (with aircraft registration numbers)
  • 450 airports and airfields (with technical characteristics)
  • 60 aviation and space magazines, newspapers, bulletins and publishing houses
  • 110 civil and military educational institutes and training centers
  • 160 state regulatory bodies of the industry and civil aviation
  • Mail merge files
  • Global search modus
  • Screensaver: 450 domestic aircraft, spacecraft, engine and missile projects in color photos

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