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What we offer!

We invite everyone who has any kind of relationship with Science and Technology!

For inventors

q       If you are inventor of engineering development or the know-how and you eager to promote your invention with the purpose to find investors, you can do it by posting the description of your invention on our web server. This service is absolutely free. All you have to do is send your information and wait for us, or investors to contact you directly.

For Businesses and Organizations

q       Companies looking for new business partners can post the information on our server in “Businesses and Manufactures” section. For more information please email us to 

q       We offer to advertise through out the pages on server. 

q       We are always ready exchange links which are located in “Our partners and other links” section.  We are pleased to any mutually beneficial cooperation!

For all the other users

q       On you have access to comprehensive database with new technologies, inventions and novelties, which are, updated daily.

q       By reading our news section you will be up to date with events in the field of science and technology around the world.  Register right now and you will be getting news letters by email in the field that most interests to you.  In news letters we inform our subscribers about new technologies, researches, inventions and developments occurred around the world.

q       Close co-operation with the well-known and young scientists enables us to arrange presentations to our users of their works.

q       “Analytical Reviews” will help you gain understanding with confidence of the fields covered by analytical reports.   

q       In section “Classified Adds” you can not only search for information, but also post you own add.   

q       We are always glad to hear from you.

  Please send us your request to 

Ivicom USA, Inc.



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