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Terms and conditions to place your technology, production achievements, and inventions

If you want to place information about your invention, development, technology or latest production achievements, you have to send us the text in the form you’d like it to be presented to users.

For this purpose, you have to:

  1. Send a text with the related information to our address: E-mail:

To be accepted, the text has to be prepared in the following form:

  • Microsoft Word 97 document (*.doc, *.rtf) + attached files with the figures (if any). Documents with equations prepared in the Microsoft Equation are also allowed.
  • Ordinary text file + attached files with the figures (if any).
  • Document prepared with the extension *.html + attached files with the figures (if any).
  1. Advise your E-mail address to get in touch with you + other ways to contact (if you like).

  2. Impart your full name or pseudonym (if you like).

  3. State company or organization name if it’s responsible for publication.

  4. State application or patent number (if the presented information relates to inventions).

When we have got acquainted with the document you sent, within a certain period of time we take a decision to place the information on our server. If your information isn’t covered by the categories available on our server, we’ll create a category especially for you! If the context of the information you offer us meets our requirements, we’ll place it on our server. If the context of the information you offer us doesn’t comply with our requirements, we won’t place such an information on our server. At the same time, we advise you about the placement of your information on our site or the reason to reject your offer.

Requirements to place information regarding invention, technology or production achievements are as follows:

  1. Information given in the text should comply with all ethical norms and copyrights.

  2. Information you offer has to be cognitive and of interest to other users.

  3. Information you offer has to be strictly scientific or be a subject of research.



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