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Manufactures Economic activity of fisheries

Vacuum packing machine is intended for hermetic packing meat, fish, milk and other production under vacuum in polymer bags.

An effective technology has been developed for producing fish meal which provides good digestion and protein assimilation. The effect is achieved due to the influence on fish proteins of a definite complex of technological procedures aimed at increasing lability of nitrogenous substances in fish meal. The fish meal derived from this technology is characterized by 95% digestibility of protein substances.

The unit is intended to incubate eggs of various specific gravity (with both negative and positive buoyancy). The unit design offers the means of creating and regulating hydrodynamic conditions in the incubation reservoir in accordance with the eggs specific gravity. Therefore, the eggs are constantly suspended and washed with water. Besides, the unit also prevents traumatization of eggs and larvae hatched during the incubation process.


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