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Dmitry Rusak

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 The Universe is a Space with the precise system of axes with the central energetic axis. It is filled with hidden matter or vacuum. Vacuum has different densities in different areas of Space and is a medium for all material bodies (stars, quasars, planets etc.). The Universe has organised structure consisting of the internal and the external parts.

The internal structure consists of the hidden matter with the energy conducting Space network. The hidden matter consists of primary matter particles contained within a ring (torus) of the energetic field. It creates the "mass" of energetic fields absorbing energy excess from Space supporting the energy conservation law. The energy conducting network is formed by a group of energetics making for transfer of all kinds of energy from their sources to the consumers. The aggregate system of the hidden matter and the energy conducting system creates all energetic fields.

The external structure consists of material bodies joined into communities. The largest communities are the Galaxies where all material bodies are consolidated around the Galaxy energetic axis. This axis is coordinated to the Universe axis and spirally rotates around it with centrifugal acceleration. This results in drifting of the Galaxies from the Universe axis to its external expansive outlines.

Time is a subjective measuring system allowing to express the term of the matter existence or the period (cycling) of some process in some conditional units. In essence Time, as a measuring instrument, is in close connection with movement of the matter and development of various processes.

The material constructions have the supersymmetric system consisting of a neutral matter and two kinds of multipurpose energy.

The Space has its own gravitation thanks to existence of the hidden matter mass and the energetic fields.

All material constructions from the initial particles to the Universe are based on the informational-energetic influence matrix IEPFM which contains the phased program of creation and development of this matter. All the matter from the moment of IEPFM formation begins to write its "book of life" where it registers all stages of the matter formation, development, mutation, interaction with other Space objects and ageing. This "book of life" ends with the matter disintegration and then becomes an archive material of the Informarium.

All information about all processes occurring in the Universe, information about possible ways of development and the past archive are stored in the Informarium which is the Unified informational field of the Universe.

The creator of the universe and all its derivatives is the Nous-Creator which is the self-developing Absolute. It generates ideas and after creation of a development plan can realise them in any material construction. Creating material constructions It extends the Informarium and, as a result, the Universe expands. In accordance with its Idea and plan of development the Nous attracts to its creation areas the unorganised matter and energy from the Chaos. It organises interaction of the matter and the energy under influence of the informational matrices which leads to new matter formation. Creation and development of the Universe goes through evolution including the absolute number of development possibilities but having the key points of development where all possible variants meet together which makes the Universe development not chaotic but planned.


 All material constructions, from indivisible subelementary particles to large ones stars of different size, are elements of the single Space the Universe.

Every cubic meter of Space, along with the evident studied material constructions, contains a hidden material structure consisting of the Energy-Material Rings (EMR). This hidden material structure forms the medium of Space or vacuum. It is a medium for all subsequent mediums: gas, colloid, liquid, hard, superhard, and for all material bodies within it.

The energy-material rings (EMR) consist of a ring (torus) of static energetic field and one material particle "Primary Mother".

The "Primary Mother" is a subelementary particle with zero energy charge. Compositions of such primary particles with different types (kinds) of energy of different charges form the rest subelementary particles which, in their turn, form material atoms. The "Primary Mother" itself is an indivisible particle and in unorganised form makes Chaos.

The ring (torus) of static energy field becomes the "property" of the "Primary Mother" thanks to the informational matrix (IEPFM). Absorbing energy from the space the "Primary Mother" makes a progressive movement, transforms energy and generates a static field around it. This happens when the primary particle is not in the stage of matter forming and acts as a separate element of the Space.

The static field ring with a "corridor" for the "Primary Mother" movement forms in any case for a straight movement in different directions is limited by other primary particles. Repealing each other with their own static fields they close their trajectories forming a ring which can take the form of "8" the form of stranded ring and expand to a certain level. The ring size depends on the frequency with which the primary particle absorbs energy from the Space and the distance between the rings.

Linkage of EMRs with each other in all axes forms the tree-dimensional Space. The number of linked EMRs within any volume determines the density of this Space volume. The difference between the numbers of links in different areas forms the density differential and thus leads to the Space distortion.

(Due to heterogeneity of the space density, including the conditionally closed systems, the following effect is possible: with a constant body speed, without the acceleration dynamics, the body speed will decelerate in denser than the initial vacuum, and the body can "fall" when vacuum is rarer than it was allowed for by the acceleration dynamics. If we speed up a spaceship in the nearearth vacuum then afterwards it will be influenced not only by the visible bodies gravitation but also by the gravitation of hidden matter and the difference of atom density itself. )

In case the rings are torn apart the structure will not restore itself. The "Primary Mother" absorbs all types (kinds) of free energy supporting the energy balance in the space and allowing for observing of the energy conservation law. The EMR properties support a relative stability of the hidden matter.

Apart from the hidden matter every cubic meter of the Space contains a certain number of the material particles being the energetic transmitters of the Space. Their objective is transmitting of all types (kinds) of energy in the directions of the energy emission conserving all energy quantum properties while transmitting.

Such structure of energy transmission from a "source" to a "consumer" constitutes the Space energy conduction network. In one joint point there is a group of energetics providing for transfer of various energy types. Each energetic works with its individual frequency allowing each type of energy to have its own frequency, but one kind of energy can turn into another under certain conditions.

Energetics are some stable matter particles. They never contact with other particles to create any material construction. An energetic can be inside the matter but only to perform its function support the matter energy conduction.

The energy quantum transmission performed by energetics in the following steps: R; K; P; W, where R receipt of energy quantum by energetic; K temporary conservation of energy quantum; P generation (transfer) of energy quantum to another energetic; W time interval between the energy quantums received by the energetic. Energetics have R=K=P=const, therefore the speed "C" is invariable in a relatively stable structure. And "W" depends on the energy source power, the energy transmission power is maximal when W=0, and when W>0 the energy flow power becomes lower as it depends on the interval between quantums. When W<0, i.e. when the number of quantums per one energetic exceeds its capacity extra quantums are distributed among other energetics of this type of energy and EMR.

The number of energetics in one cubic meter determines the speed of energy transmission. The more the number of energetics per linear transmission meter the less the speed of transmission (distribution) of energy. This phenomenon is the result of the longer time needed for transmission of energy quantum in this linear meter.

For example, if there are 2 energetics in one linear meter and 9 energetics in another then, when all other things constant, of course, in the first case the quantum will be transmitted faster than in the second case. Whereas each energetic spends some time for the clock process their total time in the second case will be longer than the total time in the first.

Apparently, in the Solar system space (probably not everywhere) there are such number of energetics which allows to transmit energy quantums at a speed "C". Nevertheless, it is certainly known that in case of change of a photons (energy quantums) transfer medium, for example, air or water, the speed "C" drops. Thus, we can assume that air and water have in their structures more energetics than vacuum does. Consequently, the real speed of energy distribution in any medium must be calculated using the formula Cr=C/Σe, where Cr is a real speed of energy, C=299792,458 km/s (officially recognised speed of light), and Σe is the average sum of energetics in the measured volume of space medium. For the Solar system vacuum (or the nearearth vacuum) we can accept Σe=1, then if Σe>1(air, water etc.), Cr<C. If Σe<1, Cr>C, i.e. the real speed of energy distribution will be higher than the speed of light. Therefore, it is possible to get superconductors.

The sum of EMRs and energetics forms energetic fields (including electromagnetic ones) of the Space. Within these fields energetics act as positively and negatively charged parts, and EMRs as a zero charge part or a "mass". Thus, EMRs stabilise the space energies equalling them to themselves at the same time increasing or decreasing the total energetic mass of static rings.

The Space having the hidden matter and the energetic structure also has its own gravitation. The gravitation force G includes the following factors:

  • Total material mass = M
  • Influence of all aggregate energies on the matter creating energetic fields of the material body = ΣE
  • Sum of movement speeds from particular to general ones = ΣV as a result of influence on the body.


G=MΣEΣv; ΣE=E1+E2++En; Σv=Cr+V1+V2++Vn;

 Alteration in one of the parameters causes alteration in the force G.


 A group of energy quantums can form force energetic fields (barriers) of various physical forms, sizes, power and conditional density without active participation of the matter.

Conditional density of energetic field is a group of one or several types of energy having different charges. This group doesn't transmit material bodies and/or masses of energies with certain properties (parameters). The range of these parameters is different in every particular case. Conditional density creates a repellent effect and a sensible elasticity.

On the strength of energy properties, the following physical effect may be possible: one material construction can penetrate through another in the following cases.

  1. The denser (harder) matter penetrates through the less dense one:
  • It causes destruction of structural links of the less dense matter along its pathway or completely.
  • It causes destruction along its pathway with further restoration of the broken structure on account of it own resources.
  1. The less dense matter penetrates through the denser (harder) one:
  • It causes destruction of structural links of the denser matter on account of its properties and resources along its pathway or completely destroys the denser matter.
  • It creates in the denser matter a corridor of altered density its pathway. This corridor will have a lower density compared to the matter depending on particular possibilities and objectives. Having passed through the corridor the matter restores the broken structure within the corridor on account of it own resources.
  1. Penetration of the matter having the same or a different density through each other with little interaction. This is possible if there is a difference between structural links and constituting them intermaterial diameters (interatomic arrays).

 A group of energy quantums having at least one material particle as a nucleus will form only energetic spheroids of various physical forms and sizes.

An example of such energetic spheroid is a fireball (FB). Around the material nucleus of a fireball there is a large bunch of photons. These photons can have different frequency which explains different colours of fireballs (white, orange, red).

FB appears at the moment of energy discharge which causes a short-time disruption close in the energy conducting line. In its train all transmitted energy in one of the energy pathways concentrates around the neighbouring material nucleus. Size of fireball depends on duration of such disruption - close.

Thus, the fireball mass is infinitesimal which allows it to drift free in any direction. A community of photons forms a ball of natural plasma having a great penetrating (burning) ability. The fireball objective is to find a consumer of these photons. It will disintegrate as soon as it finds such consumer. One part of photons is absorbed by the forced consumer and the other part can transform into another energy.


 Space complies with the wave laws and has its own laws resulting from its properties:

 LAW OF MUTUAL INFLUENCE: All material bodies constantly influence each other and the space with the force of their aggregate energies (material developments) and constantly undergo influence of external sources. These influences can have different powers and vector directions which inevitable results in instability of material objects in the Space. The force of influence on the object depends on the amount and power of the influencing energies, the extent of their absorption by the object and/or transforming into other kinds of energy, as well as the object's force of reflection of the aimed at it energies.

The energy influencing the matter determines its direction and speed.

 LAW OF INVERSION: Every material body, from an infinitesimal to a big one, leaves its own trace in the Space medium. This trace allows to identify an object and send to it information, energy, matter or their groups. Regardless the Space distortion and constant influence of all objects and subjects of the Space on the inversion trace, any wave vibration of the object having reached the critical point will inevitable be reflected to the vibration generator. The reflected vibration in its end point of return can influence both a certain space area or the material bodies having the similar to the vibration object characteristics.

 LAW OF CRITICAL VIBRATIONS PLURALITY: vibrations of the Space and its objects caused by one or a group of material bodies can at the moment of return (mapping) reach the point of critical plurality and create a cumulative wave which can partially destroy the vibration generators or completely, absolutely annihilate them.


 TIME is a subjective measuring system allowing to determine a term of the matter existence or a period (cycles) of some process in some conditional units. In essence Time, as a measuring instrument, is in close connection with movement of the matter and development of various processes.

Real time is development (movement) of any matter from its generation point to its decay point, i.e. it's a term of the matter existence in some single, whole form. The real time is influenced by a plurality of factors of the external and the internal matter mediums, so a speed of material body is not a determinant in measuring the real time.

The time we use is a conditional measuring system expressing the Earth's rotation around its axis in conditional units which is 24 hours per turn.

As the Earth's rotation both orbital and around its axis is influenced by a number of factors the speed of one turn is not constant, which causes errors in measuring.

That's why there has been introduced the Time standard which regardless the speed fluctuations promptly determines one conditional turn of the Earth around its axis as 24 hours. The said standard is conditionally universal for everyone but it has nothing in common with the real time. It serves only for determination of some event duration in conditional units (year, month, minute etc.).

Errors connected with Einstein's theory of relativity are the result of misunderstanding of time and physical properties of light, i.e. dependence of the speed of light on the medium of transmission, and wrong interpretation of the postulates of the theory. Therefore the formulas based on the wrong understanding don't reflect the true picture. Thus, the formula of "Time deceleration" is in fact the formula of "Time spent for a light signal transmission", and the formula of "longitudinal size decrease" is in fact the formula of "body length optical increase ".


 Time (general definition) is the bounds (terms, limits) of existence of some material construction and additional system of matter movement measuring.

Ideal time is the bounds (terms) of existence (movement) of material construction in certain ideal conditions.

Real time is the bounds (terms) of existence (movement) of material construction under influence of a number of external and internal factors.

Particular (individual) time is the term of existence (movement) of a particular material construction from the moment of its generation till the moment of its decay.

Biological real time is the term of existence of a particular biological object from the moment of its generation till the moment of its death under influence of a number of external and internal factors.

Total time is the bounds (terms) of existence of some material construction (body, object) on which and in which there are (live) much lesser in size material constructions (bodies, objects, elements etc.) having their own individual terms of existence (life).

For example, biological term of human's life is cumulative for his or her constituent parts: heart, lungs, liver, leukocytes, DNA, microbes, viruses etc.

Definite time area is a Space area which structure consists of some groups of different material constructions (bodies, objects), having certain conditions for their existence and development, but within the limits of some allowance range under influence of different factors (energy emissions).

The said region may be dangerous for other material objects having their own, different conditions of existence and development.

Time-dangerous medium a Space segment with a critical plurality of various energy emissions. While passing through it the joint rhythm of elements of some material construction (object, body) is violated which leads to a fatal change in the matter structure (mutation) or its destruction under influence of these emissions.

Decelerated time is a group of factors of external and internal influence causing: in biological systems deceleration of chemical-physical reactions and processes (rhythm of life), in other material constructions (objects, bodies) increase in term (bounds) of existence due to decrease in loads.

Accelerated time is a group of factors of external and internal influence causing: in biological systems acceleration of chemical-physical reactions and processes (rhythm of life), the overload effect, i.e. work in heavy anomalous conditions, in material constructions (objects, bodies) decrease in term (bounds) of existence due to increase in loads.

For example: Extreme conditions result in the untimely ageing and on the contrary improvement of conditions increases the time of existence. Let one material object's term of existence in normal conditions (iron item) is 5 years. When the conditions get worse the item will be influenced by a number of chemical-physical processes leading to the item corrosion which in turn leads to a shorter term of existence, for example, 2-3 years instead of the initial 5. To increase the term of existence we in the very beginning expose the item to the antirust processing which changes the balance of chemical-physical processes interaction and leads to extension of the term of existence to 7 years compared to the initial 5.

Thus, in the first case we had the accelerated time and in the second the decelerated time.

Synchronous (rhythmic) time is a general, single movement direction for all elements of material construction (object, body) joined by the common objective.

Asynchronous (arrhythmic) time is a violation of unity in movement direction of all elements of material construction (object, body) joined by the common objective.

For example: a disease of some organ in the single human's body or a failure of a part of the single mechanism.

Time moment is location of a material construction (object, body) in some point of Space and a summation of energy received and emitted by it in this point.

Passing of time (history development) is a direction of movement of some material construction (object, body) from its generation till its decay.

For example: from birth to death. The passing of time can became conditionally reverse for several material objects when one moves from birth to maturity and the other from maturity to death.

Conditional time is an accepted measuring system for some process or movement periodicity of some material body (object).

For example: the conditional time accepted for the Earth is 1 day, i.e. one turn around its axis, and 365 turns of the Earth around its axis make one year.

Time standard is an accepted conditional measuring system which is not dependent on medium influence.

For example: one turn (day) of the Earth equals to 24 hours though the real time of one turn changes under influence of a number of external factors.

Conditionally total time is an accepted movement measuring system for a material construction (object, body) having a periodic character of movement (cycles) which is uniform for all material constructions (objects, bodies) of a lesser size existing on/in this material construction (object, body).

For example: for all inhabitants of the Earth there has been accepted the 24-hour measuring system (a turn of the Earth around its axis).

Alternative time is a conditional measuring system (Conditional time) used by one material object (body) in the territory of another material object (body) having its own conditional measuring system (Conditional time) different from the used one.

For example: Use of our 24-hour measuring system on another planet (the Venus, the Mars, etc.) having a different period of turn around its axis.

Parallel time is a general conditional single measuring system (Conditional time) used for two and more material objects (bodies) having their own individual terms of existence (Particular time), speeds, directions and distances.

For example: for measuring the time spent by two objects moving in different directions with different speeds.

Operational (spent) time is an actual amount of the accepted conditional units spent in a complete cycle of some works.

Stable time is some evenly moving (flowing) process which is free from influence of a plurality of external and internal factors.

This time is almost never met in realty, therefore we can speak only about the conditionally stable time in some its interval.

Time interval is a part of the total pathway already passed or to be passed by a material object.

History is a total pathway actually passed by the matter.

Particular history is an actual pathway passed by some material construction (object, body) from the moment of its generation till the current moment. The particular history can be finished if the material object has totally ceased its existence by the current moment.

Summary history is a pathway actually passed by a group of material constructions (objects, bodies) joined by unity, common direction, speed and plane of movement but having particular histories.

Alternative history is one of the possible movement directions of a material construction (object, body) or a group of material objects which hasn't been passed due to a number of various factors.

Comparative history is passing by a material construction (object, body) or a group of material constructions (objects, bodies) of the way (route) which has already been passed before by other material constructions (groups of material constructions) and existence of relatively similar conditions of passing this way (route).

Parallelism (of objects, bodies) history is the pathways of two or more material constructions (objects, bodies) following their own routes, to their goals, but joined by some connecting factors not influencing the choice of the route.

History key Point of space on the way of a material construction (object, body) or a group of material constructions (objects, bodies) joined by some cumulative link. This is the meeting point of all variants (alternatives) of movement directions possible for these constructions (objects, bodies).

Future is one of possible (alternative) movement directions which can be chosen by a material construction (object, body) or a group of material constructions (objects, bodies) joined by some cumulative link.


  1. Real time (term of existence) changes under influence of a number of external and internal factors, increasing or decreasing, and therefore it is not stable.
  2. Every material object has its own conditions of existence supported by the external medium.
  3. For a material object developing in its own conditions supported by the external medium there are some dangerous areas (time-dangerous medium) where the object can change its structure, properties or be destroyed by the alien medium.
  4. Conditional time requires existence of a standard for the real movement is unstable and can change vibrate under influence of the medium.
  5. The pathway passed by a matter is its history (past) and can in no circumstances be changed due to the fact that a set of various factors at every moment of time is exclusively individual.
  6. Every material object has in its way at least one point where congregates all diversity (alternatives) of its movement history key.

 All equations of "Time deceleration" from the postulates of the theory of relativity are in fact the equations of Time-spending on passing of informational, light signal from the point of its emission to the point of its reception and, of course, do not depend on the speed of the emission source but depend on the distance between the points of emission and reception as well as on the speed and direction of the receiver and emitter of the signal.

If the speed of light is constant in some medium it doesn't mean that the time of a light signal transmission to two equally remote points will be equal. It is obvious that the time of a light signal transmission will be shorter to the nearer point and longer to the farther one.

The formula for determining the time-spending of a light signal is:

t'1=(d+vt)/c, for a receiver moving away from the emission point with its speed v, where d is an initial distance between the source of a light signal and the receiving object, t the time spent by the object on its movement after which the calculations are made, c the speed of light in the given medium.

The formula t'2=(d-vt)/c is for a receiver approaching the point of a light signal emission.

A time difference between receiving of a light signal by two receivers located in one line can be determined as Δt=Δd/c, where Δd a distance between the signal receivers.

If we want to calculate the time of a signal transmission in a rectangular triangle ABC in a homogenous medium (vacuum), we must know:

Cr a speed of light in the given medium, t1 a time of light transmission from A to B, v a speed of some object heading from B to C, and t2 a time of this object's moving from B to C. Then the time-spending t' of a light signal from A to C can be calculated using Pythagorean formula:

t' = √(Crt1)²+(vt2)²/Cr

In the given example the speed v can exceed the speed of light and even then the equation will make sense.


 Any material body and the Space itself have a supersymmetry. This supersymmetry consists in influence on the matter of two kinds of energy (+) and (-) having a conditional destination. This supersymmetry can be considered as Grassman's numbers xy=x(-y), where x is always a matter, (y) a volume of a conditional destination energy (+), and (-y) - a volume of a conditional destination energy (-).

Thus, they make a system (-yxy). In this system the matter is constantly influenced by a plurality of energies of various destinations. This creates a conditional energetic balance of the matter. If any change in this balance occur the matter will inevitably transform.

When (y) is dominant the matter aspires to increase its mass on account of its other free particles. When (-y) is dominant the matter aspires to decrease its mass by weakening its atomic-molecular links and freeing the separate particles till a complete decay. The quantitative dominance of the energy destined for (y) or (-y) determines the speed of processes in the matter transformation. If they are equal the system (-yxy) can be considered as a conditionally stable. The balance support comprises the supersymmetry.


 In the Universe there is a constant informational-energetic mutual exchange among objects and subjects of the Space. An intermediary result of this mutual exchange is a modification of all types of the matter, from primary to aggregate and contrariwise.

In the basis of any material construction (body), from the simplest EMR to the most complicated many times compositional ones, there is an informational-energetic influence matrix changing as a result of its internal program development and external influences. This matrix can be called an Informational-Energetic Power Framework of Matter (IEPFM). In IEPFM an influence matrix there is a program of the matter development which leads to certain stages of the matter formation. Every IEPFM is an internal drawing, a template, a model and a connecting element for a matter of any constructional complexity.

A complex material construction contains a great number of individual and aggregate (compositional) IEPFM joined by a group of summarising IEPFM with various functions. The summarising IEPFM having different functions form a material construction with some characteristics. They are responsible for a synchronous work of all elements in certain parameters.

For example: IEPFM of a substance atom determines certain characteristics of this atom. It contains a group of IEPFM of initial particles, aggregate IEPFM forming sub-elementary particles from the initial particles, and compositional IEPFM forming a nucleon nucleus and electrons.

When the aggregate IEPFM of this atom is destroyed the atom itself will resolve into composing elements saving their IEPFM. And if the program of IEPFM of atom changes the atom can turn to an isotope of the given matter or an atom of another matter drawing or repealing free particles of the matter (protons, electrons, neutrons).

When a material construction (body) loses some material part without changing the aggregate IEPFM the lost part is changed by a phantom.

Phantom and/or hologram is visible in certain conditions physical parameters of some material construction (body). They are contained in the functional (compositional) IEPFM of this material construction (body). Phantom disappears with changing of IEPFM of the matter.

Black holes of the Space, that is, the stars experienced a collapse, are the example of decay of all IEPFM of the star from the outside to the inside almost simultaneously. The dissolved upper IEPFM free the matter which goes inside to G of the star. And the star losing its volume increases its density. At last all IEPFM of the star and its elements disintegrate and the black hole begins to "evaporate" the matter.

Nevertheless, this process is long enough so G of star remains in the collapse area and dangerous energy emissions destroy IEPFM of other neighbouring material bodies until their total annihilation. It is also possible that in such Space area there occurs a constriction of the hidden matter of the Space which leads to a closing of other material objects to each other. There is a possibility of one more physical process: "redeployment" of the freed matter from the collapse epicentre to the areas of new matter formation or out of the Universe boundaries. But such matter displacement must be carried out on basis of absolutely new (unknown to us) principles providing a defence of the displaced matter from the external influence and the rest Space from this displacement. Existence of such processes makes possible existence of White holes, i.e. appearing of the matter "from nowhere".

IEPFM of supernovas decay from the inside to the outside which results in release of energy, formation of plasma and spread of the matter (explosion). It is possible to form any planets from supernovas gradually, layer by layer removing the matter in a like manner.


 All IEPFM are located in the single informational field of the Space. And groups of the functional IEPFM having similar destination but belonging to different objects form informational-energetic subspaces containing strictly specific information. For example: there is a number of subspaces around the Earth: biological, physical, chemical etc.

INFORMARIUM is a single informational field of the Universe.

Informarium is a complex of absolutely all information occurred at the moment of the Universe generation and growing at every moment in all points of the Universe. It has a multistage informational structure. The lowest level includes all the simplest, elementary knowledge. With every following level the difficulty degree of the information growth. To understand the upper level it is necessary to study all the lower levels. The volume of information and its difficulty level continuously grow which leads to creation of a new level. Knowledge of all information is accessible only to those who has been studying it from the very beginning.

The informarium has a database (library) of the archival information about every process occurred in the Universe in the past. Any finished process of the Universe becomes a block of information a "book of life" of this process and gets the status of the archival material. The active reference part of the Informarium can give to a qualified consumer any information about any past or similar processes from its archive.

Around any material body or current process in the Informarium there is a "book of life", i.e. reference information about their development. From the very beginning of matter formation any event happening to this matter or process is registered in this "book". When a material body (process) development is finished and it disintegrates into composing elements the information closes and "the book of life" becomes the history of this body (process) and goes to the archive of the Informarium.

It is necessary to note that "the book of life" of one material construction (body) contains a certain number of the "books of life" of smaller objects being its components.

For example: the "Book of life" of the Earth contains the aggregate information on the periods of the processes happening to it from the moment of the Earth formation. The Book contains the "books" of separate processes, separate objects (people, animals, plants etc.), the "books" about the interaction between the Earth's subjects and objects, as well as the reference information about general processes, laws, interactions, structure of the universe space. Any object on the Earth from its birth begins "writing" its individual history which is registered in the "book of life" and ends with its decay. This history becomes a part of the Earth's "book".

In the Informarium there are some special polygons of perspective development. In these polygons there are calculated (modulated) the absolute number of all possible situations in the Universe and its separate areas as well as the consequences of these situations.

The detected variants of undesired, critical (catastrophic) development of situations are "declared" forbidden. Then, a protective space mechanism is created in the form of informational-energetic protective complexes "ban blocks" accumulating the necessary number of informational matrices and energies for protection of the Universe. If at some moment a natural development of some object (objects), process (processes) and their complex begin moving to the forbidden zone, the "ban block" will turn on. Influencing all the participants and their interconnections with its informational-energetic flows it changes all necessary programs of IEPFM. As a result the situation is corrected, stops to be dangerous and turn to a favourable variant of development. That is a complex protection of the Universe and its elements from the processes and objects endangering its safe development.



 The creator of the Informarium, the Universe and all material constructions is the Nous-Creator. Once having created the first IEPFM a spheroid which was less than an atom from a chaotic matter and energy of Chaos the Creator constructed the universe. Extension of the Universe was dependent on His actions. The growing knowledge of the self-developing Nous required its practical use. Beyond IEPFM of the universe there was, is and will be boiling the Chaos of matter and energy. This chaos supplies the matter and energy for the Nous's activity. The Nous created new material constructions, the hidden material medium of the Space and the Informarium were growing which led to the Universe expansion.

 Chaos is a lack of stable links between matter and energy. In Chaos there can form unstable, phantasmagoric, instantly disintegrating constructions. Chaos is a building material for the creative activity of the Nous, using its matter and energy as required.

 NOUS-CREATOR (a very conditional interpretation) is an informational-analytic, active, self-developing, self-sufficient, creative, science intensive, independent on matter and energy essence THE ABSOLUTE. It constantly improves itself which is displayed, for example, in creation of material constructions. One of its parts is the informational data bank the Informarium.

The Nous-Creator can create (form) from itself separate selfsufficient intellectual-creative structures.

The simplest of such structures are various "assistants" created with a narrow vector of their development. This allows them to improve themselves in their sphere of knowledge and skills. The assistants can be responsible for observation of certain regularities, creation and development of particular elements of some construction etc.

After their creation the assistants go through training and undergo the tests of ability to work independently and type of activity. The training and testing process can be repeated many times until the assistant is completely ready for work. When the assistant is ready he is sent to his responsibility area. Between all assistants and the Nous created them there is a constant informational-energetic interrelation. This allows the Nous to control the assistants' activity and, if necessary, correct it. In fact, all assistants are the "eyes, ears and hands" of the Nous as they are in close connection with all stages of matter-forming in the Universe.

Created similarly to the Nous, Intellectual-creative units (ICU) or the "Children" are a highly-organised, complex structure. They have all characteristics, qualities and possibilities of the Nous-Father. Every ICU has freedom of choice which determines its aspiration to cognition and creation. Every ICU in course of its self-development not only acquires its own knowledge and experience but also has a constant informational-energetic interconnection with the Father.

Therefore the Nous-Father has absolutely complete information while the Children and the assistants have only their own part of information and reference material.

After their birth all the Children go through the stages of training and development which are strictly controlled by the Father. During these stages they receive and digest information in strict doses. After each stage of training there is a "practical examination" on suitability for creative activity. Those who have passed the examination acquire the right to create independently within the limits of the digested information, and those who haven't start training from the beginning.

All development of the Children goes on gradually from the basic to the complicated ones. This is done for maximal digestion of creative activity regularities and structural volume of information. In a certain stage of their development, having gone through a group of training programs, the Children become relatively independent and acquire the ability to "have children". Thus, in the Universe there appears a structure from the Father to grandchildren and further down the blood line with a multilevel system of training and development of ICU.

Any intellectual-creative structure, opposing itself to the Nous-Father and his derivatives, can be blocked. Blocking is done by a special energy "freezing" this structure. This makes it impossible for the structure to create and develop and directs it inward itself. Thus, the structure turns into a passive observer, occupying itself with self-analysis, self-estimation, realising of its wrong actions and their consequences.

All ICU received the possibility to develop independently begin their creative work. Having the qualities and properties of the Nous-Father they upgrade themselves and in accordance with their specific interest start to generate Ideas.

Idea and its development is the basic result of the Nous's activity. Any idea can be realised in matter and become a part of the Informarium or remain information only for the Nous. The idea realisation is a free option of the Nous and ICU.

If ICU wishes to materialise an idea, first it "threads" the information about it into the Uniform Plan of Creation Development, i.e. into the general Idea of the Father. From this moment the idea becomes a part of the Informarium and goes to the polygons of perspective development where it undergoes a multifaceted modelling and informational appraisal. It is checked for a degree of readiness for realisation, safety for other participants of the Development Plan, development perspectives etc. Then ICU begins creating IEPFM for all material elements of the idea-project, from the simplest to the supercomplicated ones.

The "ban-blocks" are created with consideration of all recommendations of the Father for safe development of the Idea, its elements and the surrounding Space. The assistants are created for the project realisation, they are also trained and tested. When the preliminary preparation is over all IEPFM and assistants are moved to the area of the idea realisation and located in their places. After that the area is entered by the masses of energy and matter from the Chaos or the Space area having free "building material". The interaction of IEPFM with energy and matter results in a consecutive formation of material constructions, from elementary to complicated in accordance with the set development program.

For example, creation of planetary system (PS):

The central energetic axis of PS is created in the assigned area of the Space and it is also the energetic centre of PS, i.e. a star of a certain size. The star axis is coordinated in its movement to the central axis of the star system where it will be located. The energetic axes of future planets are created around the axis of PS in differently remote orbits, and the satellite axes are created around the planets. The planets' axes are coordinated in their movement to the central axis of PS, and the satellites' axes to their planets' axes. After the energetic axes of future heavenly bodies movement have been created all IEPFM of these bodies are "put on" the axes. All IEPFM are located according to the principle: the smaller inside the bigger, but realisation of the programs starts from the smallest inner ones. After realisation of the inner programs the next layer programs begin working and so on until the complete realisation. Creation of material constructions goes from core to surface. Nevertheless, in some cases the external surface can be a core from which the entire matter construction begins.

Between the energetic centre of PS and the planets and satellites' axes there is a gravitational interconnection growing as the matter and energy accumulate in the system.

All axes follow their closed trajectories (orbits) with the maximum possible shift in the Space planes and create rotation around them.

After positioning of all IEPFM in their places the system area is entered by matter and energy coming from the Chaos or the Space free area. Due to the properties of IEPFM and energetic axes the matter starts to form into material constructions immediately acquiring speed of rotation and direction. Afterwards the matter thickens and influenced by IEPFM takes a certain physical form and characteristics. Planets, stars, and satellites form spheroids. In the centre of a planetary system there is an energetic-star consisting of matter and energy in form of the energy emitting plasma.

Later, in accordance with the program of development, the planets get cool and become suitable for generation of atmosphere, bacteria, flora and fauna. Their quantity, types, sizes, kinds, conditions of existence, evolution (mutation) etc. are determined by the given program of evolutionary development.

Absolutely all processes of matter-forming run the evolutionary way. The speed of these evolutionary processes differs from case to case and is in direct dependence on the Idea (development program).

Any event in the Universe has its definite preparatory period. Thus, nothing happens "suddenly" and "overnight".


 The whole Universe has the system of axes with the energetic axis of the Universe in the centre. The hidden matter, Galaxies and separate material bodies are going around it. The movement has a centrifugal character, so all material objects move away from the centre of the Universe with their speeds. Therefore all visible structures Galaxies etc. move away to the extending borders of the Universe. And the extension of the Universe is a continuous process owing to the Chaos recourses. The movement of the material constructions to the borders of the Universe allows to manipulate with newly formed structures.

The Universe extension occurs all along its axis with the threaded on it plane spirals of various sizes. The plane spiral contains its galaxies which number continuously grows. The largest plane spiral is the central one, and the smallest plane spiral is the pole spiral containing only one galaxy. When the pole spiral acquires the second galaxy the Universe extends in its poles and their place is taken by a new pole plane spiral. Every plane spiral within its thickness allows free movement (manoeuvring) of all galaxies and prevents gravitational closing to other galaxies in all directions. From the spiral bounds to the movement trajectories of the galaxies the Space is filled only with the hidden matter of different density and single bodies. From the plane spiral to the external contours of the Universe there is a buffer zone of vacuum medium of high density and specific energy which doesn't let the Chaos penetrate the Universe. This buffer zone converses the Chaos into the hidden matter, thus, increasing its size and, consequently, extends. In the plane spirals all galaxies follow one by one, and the distance between them is calculated considering the gravitational constriction, the degree of maximum interaction in the point of ultimate closing and the consequences of such interaction.

Every galaxy has its own internal energetic axis coordinating (correlating) its drifting in the Space with the Universe axis. All internal galactic star agglomerations, hidden matter and separate bodies go around the Galactic axis. Inside every galaxy there is a galactic movement.

Every star agglomeration has its own rotation axis which is coordinated to the Galactic axis. And every system within a star agglomeration has its axis which is coordinated to the constellation axis and so on. They all form the close interconnected system guaranteeing a safe movement in the Space.

In some cases the rotation axis can be located outside the material construction but it can be detected through observation.

For example: All planets of the Solar system are coordinated to the axis of the Sun which is the energetic rotation axis of the system. And the system itself is coordinated to the Zodiacal circle which, in turn, is coordinated to the Galaxy, and the Galaxy itself is coordinated to the Universe axis.

The Galactic structures are arranged so that in their cores there can form any matter which are then taken to the Galactic periphery. Different forms of Galaxies depend on the initial plan (Idea). In the Galaxies Nebulae there is more likely going on an active process of matter-forming and their density must exceed the density of vacuum. In the Galaxies spirals the formed material bodies can be gradually moved from the centre to the edge.

Galaxies can considerably differ from each other, so the differences between the life forms depending on the life conditions are very important.

All these material constructions and systems, their differences from each other are in direct dependence on realisation of the Ideas of the Nous-Father and ICU.


 The Uniform Creation Development Plan the General Idea of the Nous-Father is meant for a multimilliard in a milliard degree development period. It includes the individual ideas of ICU and allows for a possibility of new ideas. The constantly generated ideas can change the rhythm and direction of development of both particular elements and the whole Universe. Therefore the Idea-General plan has some Key points where all the possible variants of development meet. The existence of these key points allows to regulate and direct development independently on the additionally occurring factors. Every individual idea of ICU, in its turn, provides for its own key points of development.

Thus, the evolutionary development of the universe follows the strictly organised plan in which among the key points of development there is an uncountable (for us) number of possible ways of reaching these points. These possible ways depend on a great number of various factors including such factors as direction of one energy quantum or primary particle of matter. All these possibilities are known only to the Nous-Father.



  1. The entire Space of the Universe consists of the hidden organised material structure which is the medium for all heavenly bodies.
  2. The hidden matter consists of the energetic-material rings (EMR), i.e. the primary particles of matter contained within the individual static energy fields having the form of torus.
  3. The complex of EMR forms a three-dimension space, their quantity determines the density of the Space, and differences in the density of the Space cause the Space distortions.
  4. The Space contains the energy-conducting network providing transmission of all kinds of energy from the energy source to its consumer. The network consists of groups of energetics with different clock rates.
  5. The number of energetics per a linear meter of energy transmission determines the speed of energy spreading Cr.
  6. The complex of EMR and energetics forms all energetic fields of the Space.
  7. The Space has its own gravitation G which is different in every separate area, depending on the internal physical conditions of this Space area.
  8. The complex of energy quantums can form different power energetic barriers for the matter and energy with certain physical characteristics.
  9. Fireball is an energetic complex of photons of the same frequency forming around one atom of matter in result of closing in the energy-conducting network of the Space for a short time.
  10. Two bodes with different densities having certain characteristics and properties can penetrate through each other.
  11. The Space is regulated by the wave laws and has its own laws: the Interaction law, the Inversion law and the law of critical vibrations plurality.
  12. Time is a subjective measuring system allowing to determine the term of matter existence or a cycle of some process in some conditional units.
  13. The real time is a term (period) of some matter existence from the moment of its generation until its decay which is influenced by a number of external factors.
  14. Time can't go back for time is a constant movement of matter from its generation to its decay. Time always goes forward leaving behind History, i.e. the actually passed pathway of matter. The past of matter is absolutely unchanged.
  15. Any matter every moment of time is influenced by a great number of different factors, therefore every moment of time changes matter. Everything that follows the current moment is an alternative possibilities.
  16. The mistakes connected with Einstein's theory of relativity were made due to the lack of understanding what exactly the researchers measured. In their calculations they determined not the time deceleration with the constant speed of light, but the time spent on transmission of a light signal from the emission source to the receiver. The speed of light do not depend on the speed of source or receiver of light, but in determining the time spent on transmission of a light signal it's necessary to consider the speed and the direction of source or receiver of a light signal.
  17. Any material body has a Supersymmetry, i.e. when a matter is influenced by two kinds of energy having different purposes.
  18. In the Space of the Universe there is a continuous informational-energetic interchange between all participants.
  19. The basis of any organised matter is an informational-energetic influence matrix (IEPFM) which carries out the matter development in accordance with the given informational program. The essence and properties of IEPFM explain the reasons for generation of any material structure, including the biologic one - from EMR to Galaxies and the Universe.
  20. The reason for matter formation is always an informational program. The result of matter formation is influence of all types of energy of different charges and purposes on material particles which leads to closing (adhesion) or repulsion (division) of the matter particles.
  21. Phantom, or a hologram, is a visible in some physical conditions part of general informational-energetic matrix (IEPFM) of some object.
  22. Any mutations of a matter are a deviation from the general, set in IEPFM development programs. They occur under the influence of external energy sources, but basically conform to one of many lines of evolutionary development.
  23. All information of the Universe is concentrated in the Informarium having the structure of archive and reference material. The Informarium is a complex of information about all stages of matter-formation in the Universe from the moment of its generation. It contains the information about all possible variants of development which haven't been realised for a number of reasons, and about possible perspective variants of future development if some particular conditions are observed. The Informarium contains only the information materialised by the Nous.
  24. Every material object from the moment of its generation writes its own "book of life", i.e. a complex of information about the stages of its development and interaction with the surrounding Space. This "book" is a part of the Informarium.
  25. Safety of processes in the Universe is provided by the informational-energetic ban-blocks preventing certain situation developments. These blocks can regulate a process development and direct it to the most favourable variant (way) of development on the account of their reserves of information and energy.
  26. The universe is a huge IEPFM having the spherical form. It extends along all axes thanks to the continuity of creative process of the Nous which creates the hidden matter and new material constructions of different difficulty and size in all plane spirals of the Space.
  27. The Chaos is a storage of the endless number of unorganised matter and energy which are the "building material" for the Universe and used by the Nous when necessary. The Universe extends thanks to the Chaos.
  28. The creator of the Informarium, the Universe and all material constructions is the Nous-Creator.
  29. The Nous-Creator is the Absolute which continuously upgrades itself and increases the volume of its knowledge. It is demonstrated, for example, in creation of the Universe with all material constructions. The Nous-Creator constantly generates various ideas which can be materialised by it or remain its personal knowledge.
  30. The Nous-Creator can create from itself different assistants, having unlimited possibilities, and Children created similar to the Nous and having all its qualities. All Children and assistants go through the stages of training, development and testing of ability to work independently. The training stages can be repeated many times until the information is digested completely. All religious teachings contain the information about such assistants and children. In the Christianity the assistants are all archangels, angels, spirits etc., and the Child is Jesus Christ. In the Hinduism the assistants are a great number of gods responsible for their spheres of responsibility. In the Esoteric teachings the assistants are many different essences.
  31. Any nous opposing itself to the Nous-Father or its derivatives can be blocked by a specific energy. It will be directed inward itself for the self-analysis and penitence.

    The Eden for the Nous is a possibility to improve itself, create and realise its ideas. While doing all these the Nous experiences Inspiration, divine happiness with the result of its work. Creative activity is a true freedom of the nous.

    The hell for the Nous is a lack of possibility to create and realise itself. This is a process of self-punishment, self-appraisal of wrong actions and the deepest, continuous, endless, desperate distress because of impossibility to correct everything.


  32. Any nous has a freedom of choice which determines its aspirations in cognition and creative activity.
  33. Materialisation of the Nous's ideas is a very long evolutionary process. It is preceded by a long, painstaking preparation, including checking the probability of some process development, creation all IEPFM, different assistants and ban-blocks.
  34. The whole Universe has the system of axes with the energetic axis of the Universe in the centre. The hidden matter, Galaxies and separate material bodies are going around it. The movement has a centrifugal character, so all material objects move away from the centre to the extending borders of the Universe.
  35. All Galaxies have their internal energetic rotation axes with the internal galactic rotation of the matter around these axes. These galactic axes are coordinated to the Universe axis. Constellations have their own axes coordinated to the Galaxy axis.
  36. The energetic axis of a material body (star, planet etc.) is located within it, the system axis can be the axis of some star, but it also can be located outside the material body in the Space energetic system and be the centre of the complex energetic fields of the systems.
  37. All material systems rotate strictly following the set trajectory having a wide range of acceptable deviations in the single system of axes.

The entire development of the Universe is in strict conformity with the Idea of development and the development plan for a colossal period of time. All complex ideas and plans are joined into the Uniform Creation Development Plan. Every plan has the key points of development where absolutely all the possible variants of the Universe and its elements development meet. These points allow to perform not a chaotic but planned development, regulating the situation in the exact conformity with the Idea. In fact, these development points are the stages of evolutionary development with all possible admissions within the program.

 STARTED: 20 June 1998 FINISHED: 20 September 2001





Publishing date: May 12, 2009



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