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Latest Inventions
Latest Inventions    Communication STEREOTELEVISION SYSTEM .



FIELD: physics; radio.

SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to wireless communication technology and can be used for digital television broadcasting. The outcome is achieved by that, in the stereotelevision system, at the transmitting side in the photoelectric converter, there are two reflecting prisms, a moveable flat mirror, a trigger and an actuating mechanism. The radio signal transmitter has two channels. At the receiving end there is a flat panel photodiode screen/LED-screen/ and in each signal channel R, G, B there is a first and second code accumulators and a control signal unit.

EFFECT: reduced power consumption of the system, increased brightness of the image and accuracy of colour transfer. 23 dwg



Inventor: Volkov Boris Ivanovich (RU)

Patent 2351094

Publishing date: April 22, 2009

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