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(Is naive-ingenuous reasonings and models of the experimenter)


© Albert V. Nickitin

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"Modelling" of physical structures and processes is rather thin, difficult and responsible procedure. Which demands not only high personal qualification and talent, but also, more often, participation of the big and powerful collective of experts of various specialities. If certainly, that speech does not go about such unique act alone explorers, leading figures in science as Fafadey, Einstein and to his similar. Otherwise all done work, most likely, will be useless: it will not give expected results and will be reduced only to time loss. And even worse that: rather often it is necessary to observe with grief as from some "models" harm and áàöèëëû ignorances results only. It is especially sad, when the such proceeds from, apparently, rather competent experts considerably surpassing me in possession by a mathematical apparatus.

Especially delightful your "despair" (regrets) in occasion of that many physicists stay seemed to me are in state of bliss errors, unreasonable complacency and stiff neck in sins of own errors: “... there are inherent assumptions in all the physics, as they exist today. Most physicists are oblivious to them. Other physicists generate additional ad hoc assumptions, based on previous assumptions. (Big bang theory, for example.) This results in the moving of the physics into ever more fantastic abstractions, trending far from actual factual Reality, as time goes on. ” (R.N.Boyd)


It is especially difficult to carry out modelling in case of when we want (or only on it and are capable, being simply the mathematicians even outstanding J ) to receive the decision necessarily in the form of analytical functions. If you will allow , I wish to bring here the simplest, "school" example for the explanatory of the made statement.

Example 1.

Let's imagine a trihedral transparent optical prism which functions so that rejects a light beam falling on it under Snellius' law : sini / sinr = n2/n1 = n (designations, I believe, for all are known). As "refraction" of a beam of light happens twice (on so-called "entrance" and "target" sides of a prism) having different frequencies components of a beam of "white" light after an exit from a prism will deviate on different corners i1, i2, i3.., and, if their frequencies accordingly increase, i < i1 < i2 < i3..

And now the unpretentious task for mathematical "modelling" is offered. Namely, it is well clear, that a beam monochromatic, we shall tell “ red color ”, will give on an output of a prism a unique spectral strip - let under a corner i1. But what will happen, if an initial light beam even before its first refraction on an entrance side of a prism to subject with stroboscoping, having transformed in sequence separated from each other intervals (on a timebase) rectangular impulses (pulse-amplitude modulation)?? The Question is not too simple in the methodological attitude{relation} as can seem.

According to the elementary "household" representations, on an exit we shall receive ONE spectral strip (under a corner of a deviation i1) which only will change the intensity - according to pulse modulation of a signal. But more "competent" mathematician, engaged modeling of this situation, will argue differently. He will absolutely fairly pay attention that in categories of the mathematical analysis the "intermittent" beam of red light (in particular, modulated by periodic rectangular impulses) is not monochromatic. And in particular can be presented by Fourier series - the sum of harmonious oscillation, frequencies of some of them will surpass essentially (!) frequency of red light (in case corresponding an optical range Einstein's oscillators are harmonious it will be double, trebled, quadruplicated …. etc frequencies). It is asked, and what of the brought two models will be correct, to correspond to experimental check? - Yes any: another can prove to be true in practice either that, or models. For example, if the material of a prism does not possess a dispersion (n does not depend on frequency of light, that is n = Const) the "household" situation will be observed. The same picture (only one, red a spectral band in a spectrum) can be observed at an abnormal dispersion and the big absorption of all except for red band, etc. In other words, cleanly mathematical modeling is impossible without simple it , traditional physical research of STRUCTURE. Which, in effect, considering and dynamics of change, also must be the main object of studying.

Absolutely other situation takes place when modelling is applied with the purpose of direct "prediction" of those or other quantitative results at changes of conditions of experiment, instead of in the arrogant purposes of creation of the new theory, reception of analytical functions, opening of the "new" physical law. If it appears sufficient to be limited to simple approximation of tabulared experimental data on conditions (area of existence of function) where carrying out of direct experiments inconveniently or in general is impossible. In such cases modelling excellent justifies itself, thus at all it is not forbidden to the researcher (at extrapolations) "in plenty" to approximate the extrapolation by such analytical functions which to him will like …

Example 2.

It is absolutely clear, that at creation of the first atomic bombs and nuclear power stations it was impossible to experiment and accumulate radioactive chemical elements in usual academic laboratory, "experimentally" to select in laboratory experiences size critical mass a preparation. Microscopic amounts of a preparation which systematically increased therefore undertook, and with use attenuators observed (visually, as a rule) increase in number fluorescent scintillations on the screen - where went radiations of nuclear disintegration. Energy of one (single) act of disintegration by this time already were able to define in advance. Extrapolating a curve of dependence of energy (or it is direct numbers scintillation) from amount of a radioactive material, mathematical by estimated that amount of substance which gave abrupt "rise" of graphic function - the approximate size of critical weight was defined. Having increased this size on a certain coefficient K> 1 (for a guarantee), named the received value such which can give “ Bo-o-o-o-m! ”. Though I also have simplified the description of procedure (for presentation "philosophers"), but such modelling is absolutely unequivocal more often, and in hundreds cases simply in any way it is impossible to manage its application …. That is extremely useful, more century is on arms of physics and does not cause any reproaches, never.

In an equal measure it is not forbidden, and also it is extremely necessary for experimenter to create in each case own "model" of object of research - as the working hypothesis checked by all set of researches.


Generally speaking, all history of a science is history of creation and development of models of a surrounding material world, its separate components. In effect, any of sciences does not search for "true", the True does not exist. Sciences build models. There was one model, there was another. There is the Ptolemaic model (geocentric system). There is Kopernik's model. There is a model of atom of the Bohr. There is a model of the Periodic Table of elements of Mendeleyev. There is the Model - the theory of a relativity of Einstein.

This all - information models. At the same time, the Nature, a material World surrounding us do not know anything about model of atom of the Bohr, yes the atom and is not similar to this model! The nature knows nothing about Mendeleyev's Table, to it and in a head did not come to have elements under the Table, at it and heads are not present to build models! The Nature simply exists - in all variety, harmony and ability to self-organizing, knowledge of. And we simply are one of tools of the Nature, carrying out the functions (applicability) by creation of those or other models - more or less practical. We name "correct" such model which is more effective the practical application: most promotes expansion of reason (self-knowledge) to the Universe.

During the present period of development of mankind and his level of knowledge the most actual problems become Energy, Space, Time. Besides the decision of these problems also extremely absorbing and is fascinating the grandness for the best representatives of a Science. It is not excluded, that, besides, is some kind of “ the social order ”. For in one of prophetical predictions it is told about the curious events, expecting the Earth by 2013: “ 2013 - “Ragnarock” , it the Doomsday. Day of the beginning and the end! Hyperspatial transition in the fourth dimension. For mortal it will be death, and for gods - a birth ”. Even being cool enough sceptic in relation to any statements (as the professional "system experimenter" having huge practical experience), I should to not apprehend this Prediction with the certain pleasure. As even yet not being familiar with this prediction, I for a long time approximately and expected the program of the scientific work - quite within the network of the mentioned Prediction.

Veritable "Savior" for mankind is... Albert Einstein. Which on the basis of outstanding achievements Faraday, Maxwell, Newton, Klein and a lot of other physicists has created SRT and GRT. After Einstein's achievement were exposed to development, improvement and even the sharp criticism. Not going into details, recently courageous attempt "to deepen" the theory has undertaken A.G.Lisi (UCLA) “ The Lisi's “uniform theory ”, ostensibly, in uniform formulas gives the decision for four fundamental forces of the Nature - strong interaction, weak interaction, electromagnetic force and force of an attraction. Thus it unites two global theories - the quantum mechanics and the theory of the general relativity. Considerably earlier (till 1950) the most comprehensible treatment of a situation has given Y.B.Rumer (“ Research on 5-optics ”, 1956). It is Einstein's the most plausible treatment, which comprehensible to practical application in planning EXPERIMENTS. The basic conclusion - unconditional confidence of a physical reality of 5-th, Euclidean coordinates X5 (keeping designation X4 for time though personally it is not pleasant to me) and convolution our World in the closed surface in four-dimensional (Euclidean) dimension. Unfortunately, Rumer was great, but all the same... the theorist. Which main trouble - insufficiently correct choice initial ("boundary") conditions of a tasks. Therefore he still timidly approved, that additional fifth dimension only “configurational” space of a trial particle, which movement is considered . And the metric and topological structure of this space reflects character of influence on a trial particle of ALL other matter in the World. Having forgotten thus to recollect, that this - only “ in our World ”. Outside our World (Brane) also there is no this general influence: according to the Cant, operators of potential energy for dot particles making a matter are proportional 1/r^ (N-2), where N - dimension of Space. The physical sense “convolution” our Space in Brane just also consists, from sensible positions of the experimenter, that behind its limits of force of long-range action are catastrophically weakened (the Mach's principle there does not work). Instead of a condition cylindrical shape for metric potentials and a condition of cyclicity for wave function, in Rumer’s five-optics physical sizes satisfy all to the uniform condition of periodicity in coordinate of "action". The period of the fifth coordinate (X5) has universal size of a constant of Planck h which receives distinct (clear) geometrical sense. It is delightful result, it entirely and completely corresponds (qualitatively) to physical supervision and experiments of the experimenters involved in the decision of the given problem! If someone suddenly is not pleasant treatment of additional coordinate as Euclidean he can be quiet and will not object to such "comfort" of the experimenter. For, by virtue of infinite physical trifle thickness of mentioned Brane layers, it is possible to present each layer in the form of delta-function. Summation of all layers again will give delta-function so theorists can not worry: we actually have not touched anything in their constructions, anything to them have not objected. Eventually, hardly opening the sodden door from one room in another (in a country house), we sometimes spend considerable "action". However besides this parameter former there is also a linear spatial coordinate of moving from one room in another. Simply during interphase transition in the heterogeneous environment these parameters are shown as though synchronously, from here and there can be a mess. A question not idle time. And to us, experimenters, it is very convenient, as enables to involve in the analysis of the Brane properties also Gibbs' thermodynamics (Jozeph-Willard Gibbs). It is competent enough, as the System quite satisfies to criteria for its recognition "thermodynamic". And in that case it is not necessary to be surprised to " layered character “ with our Universe: according to Gibbs’s theories, on border of adjoining with each other and not mixing up phases adjoining with each other with each other “A” and “B” so-called “ the dividing{sharing} layer ” - absolutely special phase “AB”, generally, is always formed. And this special phase can possess special properties.

I wish you to assure, that our Brane exists as a reality. And it is multilayered: exist (similar to ours) the real worlds parallel to ours. Nobody will convince me in opposite as I the eyes saw on the screen of the monitor occurrence UFOs "anywhere": in that point of space where we have found out it, any trajectory of approach to this point it has not been fixed. I can assure, that radar-tracking services work for us perfectly, mistakes are excluded (as any radio noise thus was not observed).

Between them (worlds) - "layers" of absolutely other continuums. On the available authentic data, being absolute reality UFOs come to us from parallel "same", but crossing “ the dark worlds ” - "layers". The elementary analysis of supervision of these objects and the account of available various optical, spectral, radar-tracking data shows, that space, of which newcomers "throw out" in our world (space aliens), as speed of light has another similar “ a world constant ”. Which repeatedly less our speed of light in vacuum. In other words, in intermediate layers Brane the parameter of refraction n =sqr (miu.epsilon) in a wide frequency range is so great, that reminds those at our metals and ferromagnetics. For this reason there speed of light v1 = c/n is extremely small. I can prove all this the elementary, elementary calculations, being based on authentic given published DoD’s information sources of the different states. I emphasize, at all mine language impediments, at least I can prove it easily and evidently: being based on laws of a refraction, a dispersion and concepts of phase speed of light of layered environments. This circumstance, in a combination to an assumption of the fact "multilayered" Brane (lengthways X5), allows to design such model of the device of the World which is capable to explain practically all existing data of supervision and experiments. Any given and any results of experiments. The layer nearest to our world (or two layers) owing to features of metric parameters has specific "cellular" structure which reminds domains or spherical micelles at smectic liquid crystals. Besides these surprising mini-spaces of " the dark world ” very much remind Benar’s cells at self-organizing a matter (genesis of formation of our Universe), foam at transients in hydrodynamics, Searl’s cells at reception of effect of antigravitation by him, and also the structures of "generator" created by me for realization Space-Time of movings :

(<> on Russion ) / 1 /

Layers of " the dark world “ on the structure have as though facet a structure (the mini-Universes with very small radius of curvature). I can presuppose quite reasonable , that, at least in vicinities of our Solar system, the size of this “facets” on some orders it is less Earth than diameter. Interfaces (dividing layers, according to Gibbs) between facets are not that other, as Riemann three-dimensional spaces-corridors on which with the minimal expense of energy of activation transition from ours Brane in another similar - located for a dividing layer is possible. This dividing layer is labile and, by virtue of a minimum of energy of interfaces, can be guided these surfaces by active high-energy sites of our space (oriented polarization) - under the formal scheme of the multiplet catalysis theory . In genetic aspect there is an association with sedimentation ( coprecipitation ) separate phases during phase formation. It is possible to involve and even more courageous associations. For example, in 1974 Hawking has established, that at a collapse of black holes two kinds of particles - a matter and an antimatter, in equal quantities are formed and exposed sedimentation at once (due to vacuum "resonance"). Till now remain opened a question: where this antimatter has got to? It is not excluded, that "facets" the dark world have so small radius of curvature by virtue of that process of their compression in a trap of own magnetic field is carried out.

The described model of parallel structures cannot cause objections as it is quite adequate to all experimental data and are heuristic. Theoretically it to deny it is impossible, as construction of any model of our world quite suits and for designing a little virtually displaced lengthways X5 the worlds. Also because all event in the parallel world lays outside horizon of events of our world: other tension, other impulses, other speed of light, other symmetry of objects and processes.

Moving to the parallel world will enable "to glance" in the future of our world, and returning in it - to appear in this long-term future. It easy follows from SRT as speed of light in our world repeatedly surpasses speed of light in parallel layers.

Own time of the object moved for limits of ours Brane of a layer in other layers can appear in imaginary size (speeds of moving of objects in this space can exceed speed of light). Therefore enormous shifts on an axis of time in comparison in due course the Terrestrial observer are possible{probable}. There, where there is no gravitation, inertia, does not work Mach’s a principle, etc., there will arise singularity, and with bifurcation: so far as, as there is a polar asymmetry along the geometrical axis directed on X5. And transitions between layers in this or that the sides - are inadequate. Especially “singular” transition for limits of all layers - in this or that the sides. Intermediate between the worlds the layer (layers) possesses especially unique features: For example, high electroconductivity and ability to distribution of electromagnetic waves, formation of standing waves (the physical bearer of "memory") - by analogy with piezoelectric “ lines of a delay ” and volumetric resonators of ultrahigh frequencies (SHF). It is not excluded, that cases of realization of so-called longitudinal waves in Terrestrial laboratory conditions are caused actually by usual cross-section fluctuations, but in Brane boundary layer . Moreover, considering extremely small thickness Brane of layers (lengthways X5), it is possible to recollect the assumption of representatives of Copenhagen scientific school that, basically, electron orbitals atoms are spatially localized not only in our three-dimensional world, but also in the next boundary layer.

Many people, researchers, foretellers-psychics and even to the elementary alive organisms manage to receive material “ signals from the future ” - through border of section Brane of layers (a dividing layer, according to Gibbs). It Vanga, Kozirev, chrono-mirages “ in the sky ” …. Probably such opportunity not too difficult, even some elementary alive organisms have for this purpose a necessary stock of electric energy: separate biological cells{cages} (with the sizes in nanometres) accumulate electric potential in one million volt …. R.Feinman denied an opportunity of reception of signals from the future. He has carried out the calculations which have shown, that "waves" from the future and waves from the past extend towards each other, interfere and mutually extinguish each other. These calculations have liked me, but Feynman made them of an assumption, that our Universe are homogeneous. Actually, as it has already been noticed, the Universe heterogeneous and, moreover, has layered character. By analogy to optics of multilayered structures, mutual clearing in this case does not happen more often. On the contrary, such structures are capable to strengthen separate signals repeatedly. As it is observed. For example, Kozirev has stated fondly-nurseries of representation about Time as independent carriers of a matter and energy that there is an obvious abracadabra. But, at the same time, he has lead good experiences with creation of artificial "ripples" on Brane surfaces (rotation of massive 10-ton cylinders around of the measuring device) and observed signals from the future of one of stars of our galaxy. With this Kozirev has confirmed what "to glance" in the future it is possible by that it is necessary to expose simply as though "periscope" for limits of our world. For creation of same "corridor" which will allow to move to researchers, it is required to much greater energy and its concentration. However, it is possible. For pessimistic forecasts (calculations) of theorists cannot be true as are based on incorrect initial representations (data). So, for example, theoretical calculation of growth rate of crystals gives size, which in 10 ^1200 times less than really observable speeds. If to trust such theory (it is quite "correct") the quartz crystal with weight 500 kg cannot be grown up and for billion years, we make it only for some months. Contradicts denying of the fact of the fourth Euclidean measurements and that leaves everyone many trees have the symmetry mismatching to symmetres of the three-dimensional world … … And so on.

Creation of existential corridors is possible will provide in full conformity with ideas L.Brillouin, R.Lucas, J.Carstoiu, S.Hawking, R.Penrose and other known researchers.


  • " Do not go down stream... Do not go against the stream.

  • - But, then where to float????

  • - Float there where it is necessary to you! " (Kozma Prutkov) J


Generally speaking, it was possible to consider existence of the parallel Universes quite natural opportunity already on basis Einstein and Friedmann’s generalized cosmological models. Hair-splitting "critics" paid not enough attention to the main essence of these models, their enormous heuristic. It is impossible to demand from ingenious scientists more and more as even their talent and, the main thing, a vital resource are not boundless. Therefore Einstein has given us basically basic principles, and also the description of geometrical "statics" of the Universe, substantially having left outside of the consideration its dynamics and, especially, kinematics of space-time transitions. A little that have cleared many researches of theorists of last decades in this direction, but have added logic beauty and, more often, are quite harmless from the point of view of competent and with care of the conceiving experimenter. In particular, R.Penrose and S.Hawking considered unique alternative transitions - through singularity a collapse arising at hit of object in the center of " black hole ” (for example, the big congestion of a matter even with weight of a large star). Proved by R.Penrose and S.Hawking theorems speak, that, no doubt, some world lines should come to an end, in other words, material particles, moving on such lines, cannot remain in space-time (I shall add, "our" space-time). That is it is possible to consider quite a fact in evidence of an opportunity of leaving from our time, fixation of transformation of own time at return transition. As ascertained in this occasion P.Davies, “ as we cannot distribute action of laws of physics in such areas, that there …. ñan (to us) to happen, is absolutely unpredictable ”. However, Einstein’s the theory it nevertheless "predicts"!

Theorists recognize, that Shwazschild’s the model of " a black hole ” is not the only feasible theory. . Black holes can be formed also from electrically the charged, rotating substance. It is necessary to note, that electric interactions in 10^34 times surpass gravitational. It was enough strong reason for aspirations to construct the theory of gravitation on the account of properties of electric charges which are a component of a matter (l. Brillouin). And if charges make rotary movement properties of such systems in general become rather productive for their analysis and the account. Even very competent theorists often ask me: “ What energy of a ball rotating on a thread? Potential or kinetic? ” - All depends on system of readout from which there is a consideration, and also from fractal scale of "rotating" elements of system … This ambiguous situation is very thoughtful, it frankly gives a hint that gravitation should be unequivocally caused by certain spin ("rotary") conditions of a matter: in subnuclear scales. Probably, in view of interaction of subnuclear spaces with a surface (a dividing layer) of Brane .

Magnificent research of influence of rotating masses, - and electric charges (whirlwinds, vortexes), - on display of the abnormal phenomena in the center of rotation has lead P.Davies (P.C.W.Davies. ” Space and Time in the modern Univers ”, 1977, Chapter 4). Reasonings of the author really are divinely-delightful clearness, depth of understanding of a subject and clearness of a statement. To me there were no at all among nowadays well (living) scientific coryphaeuses such experts whom it is better, than Paul Davies could state problems of Space and Time... By means of the elementary geometrical constructions (geometry creations) Davies has shown, that the observer located inside of a powerful stream of a rotating matter (greater masses or charges), it will be obligatory to undergo unusual time anomalies. “ Figuratively speaking, the observer in this area (at all not making any movings! A.N.) it is grasped by any spatial whirlwind. Any particle of a matter, getting in this “ Vortex ”, is captured in invisible circulation of Space. No power of the rocket, any force in the world are capable to prevent such drag which, from the point of view of the removed observer, occurs to speed, greater speed of light ” (P.Davies). But despite of such all-subjecting a whirlwind, having got in this area, it is possible to leave it and to return on safe distance. It is important circumstance as it, together with the fact of excess of speed of light, provides an opportunity of time movings.

There were many attempts to achieve "antigravitation" - in particular, by means of every possible gyroscopic devices. Thus that circumstance was completely ignored, that gravitation is defined by the metrics of Space which, in turn, is defined by world (fundamental) constants - for example, in the speed of light, “epsilon”, “miu” …. From here a conclusion: for effective influence to a gravitational field it is required to change (speed of light) a ratio “epsilon” x “miu”, and also, probably, and sizes weak and nuclear interactions. Adequately surprise, that many at all do not wish to understand simple true: any rotating gyroscopes and other mechanical devices for reception of "antigravitation" (even at insignificant but positive success in this direction) all the same work on a principle of rotation of charges. With creation of "ripples" and partial “protrusion” the object for Brane's border , only there is not present gravitation.Recollect similar action of Archimed's force !

For transition in parallel space the collapse which properties remind a black hole obviously remind. Thus will arise singularity. From GRT follows, that the surface of a black hole has the same structure, as vectorially correct gyroscope as the black hole is only the limiting curvature of space-time completely similar to a curvature of space-time near to our Sun, responsible Mercury's secular precession . Therefore in an internal rotor of vectorially correct gyroscope virtual particles of vacuum can resound in the same way, as well as on a surface of a black hole. At once it is necessary to make a reservation, that for occurrence of such resonance even vectorially correct gyroscope essentially, there is essentially not enough. And it is necessary well and to understand for ever. As, according to S.Hawking, a collapse and singularity are accompanied by an opportunity of transition of virtual particles in pairs real particles - a particle-antiparticle. Thus one of arising particles leaves in external space of a black hole, and another - in its internal space (we shall imagine, that it is sedimentation “ of the dark world ” from ours). If at any from particles there is no opportunity of such leaving, the resonance does not happen. Concerning vectorially correct gyroscope it means, that the spontaneous birth of substance in it is possible only at presence of two back-to-back the twirled vectorially correct gyroscopes combined by the internal rotors, or, that is equivalent, at presence of one vectorially correct gyroscope with the double quantity of rotors which one half (external) rotates in one side, and other half (internal) - in the opposite side. But … generally speaking, for occurrence of a high-grade resonance of virtual particles of the vacuum completely equalizing them with real elementary particles, it is not enough even of two back-to-back twirled vectorially correct gyroscopes, more precisely, not enough final quantity of rotors at these gyroscopes. To make possible a birth of usual elementary particles of vacuum, vectorially correct gyroscope should have infinite quantity of rotors to choose all rotary degrees of freedom of space-time, or, that is equivalent, gravity to be isolated from all material bodies in the Universe. Clearly, that by means of a usual mechanical gyroscope to satisfy this condition it is impossible basically. SRT prompts the correct decision in this case. The matter is that SRT vetos light speed of progress of the bodies possessing in nonzero weight of rest, and, at the same time, usually in that case does not impose any interdiction on rotary movement of these speak. Usually in that case speak, that SRT puts an interdiction for linear speed of rotation . But well-known, that real material bodies collapse under action of centrifugal forces much more how linear speed of their rotation even will come nearer to light, and all of them collapse differently. On the other hand, the special theory of a relativity speaks nothing in occasion of angular speed of rotation of bodies which, theoretically, can be any, it is necessary to choose only a body enough the small sizes to not disturb an interdiction of this theory for light linear speed of rotation. It has been established, that interpretation electron spin as rotations of a ball of as much as small sizes (Rutherford’s model), except for zero, leads to superlight linear speeds on its "equator". There is a question: " What real physical process could serve as the standard of speed limit of rotation of bodies nevertheless? " - The answer to this question has given by Sommerfeld in 1909. He mathematically has shown, that the relativistic law of addition of speeds in the special theory of a relativity is vectorially equivalent to addition of rotations on sphere with imaginary radius. (that such imaginary sphere, it is possible for itself to present if to consider, that similarly in gyroscopic "antigravitational" installation there are rotary moments of rotors. Geometrically it means, that the imaginary sphere is not orientable). In 1931 Sommerfeld has applied this result to electromagnetic radiation of atoms - has calculated to it the spin amendment. If to not go deep into the theory of an inertial field last result of Sommerfeld means, that spin rotation is and there is extremely possible rotation in the Nature.

Limiting rotation is a rotation at once in all directions of space-time. Such structure spin rotation possesses, for this reason its consideration as usual rotation in one plane leads to superlight linear speeds on electron "equator" . The main difference of spin rotation from gyroscopic "antigravitation" consists that in it material rotors rotate not, and an electromagnetic field. This difference also allows spin rotation to choose all rotary degrees of freedom of space-time (incomplete sample of these degrees it is possible to explain presence of gravitation at material bodies!). From here follows, that mechanically rotating rotors in "antigravitational" installation there is only a preliminary, "cognitive " model. In the practical purposes of realization of interspatial and time transitions, obviously, it is necessary to twirl in appropriate way around of moved (transport) interior electric charges (cold plasma) and their electromagnetic field. In such three-dimensional (surface) whirlwind (vortexes) it is valid to be born usual elementary particles. But it will begin not "here" and not "now", and at once behind approach of existential transition. The opportunity of creation of simple and reliable "generator" of such three-dimensional whirlwind has been proved by me experimentally /1/. Concerning possible of technical principles "pumping" the Whirlwind energy with necessary power I shall tell some words later.


Collapse and singularity, arising at existential transition in other (parallel) phase, parametrically are connected, and therefore and are identical to time shift, change of speed of light and.... to disappearance of gravitational forces. There is a basis to guess, that in it will bring a stay of the experimenter inside Davies’s a charging whirlwind - "limiting" rotation of electric charges (in all orientations and with superlight speed) on an shell of a vehicle. It also turns out UFO scheme . In this connection the most interesting results of researches has received J.Carstoiu. He has tried to express gravitational interactions, by analogy, through the equations which similarity of Maxwell’s equations is. The decision, giving common expression for density of energy of a gravitational field have been as a result received. Carstoiu has come to necessity of transition to the nonlinear equations of propagation of gravitation. But the most important - the density of gravitational energy is expressed by the sum of two components: one of them "usual", and the second has character of a whirlwind and is negative! Have received so-called “ Carstoiu’s Vortex ” which frankly "takes away" a part of gravitation. It is in full conformity with simple and precise reasonings Davies on influence of rotation (charges, in particular) on occurrence singularity with time shift. If a black hole to us to get in the order it is difficult to force electric charges to make vortical movement quite within the limits of our opportunities. And, not forgetting, that electric charges nevertheless in 10^34 times more powerful, than mass corresponding them.


"Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate" (Ockham)

 The structure of our World has precisely expressed heterogeneous character. In the same way, “heterogenous” and a design of the prospective device for an exit for Brane rame of "layer" in another, parallel to it. Thus, “vortex”-shell of the device also is the engine which is called not only "to burn" as though a superficial tension of borders of Brane section , but also can serve spaceship - for interplanetary and planetary movings. Now even schoolboys on youthful the Internet chats state at us quite certain confidence of understanding of a principle of action ufo environments. J

For the informed and interested experimenters now "teleportation" in the parallel world is already completely not scientific problem. It is only an engineering problem and, mainly, organizational, organizational and financial. It is infinitely a pity, if we will have time to solve this problem earlier not, but those from researchers who work for DoD (to a huge regret, we not unique "clever" scientists). Several days ago personally I saw the television documentary chronicle in which DoD showed new development aircraft (plane). Reminding aircraft the device on eyes has turned to a sphere with plasmoid an sheath, and then has instantly disappeared from eyes. Probably, are not solved yet a problem with navigation, but basically teleportation is already carried out. DoD “ has become angry for the whole world ” now, therefore will necessarily finish development the nearest years. I have photos of operating "esminec"(“ Philadelphia ”), I saw also other similar tests. Therefore I do not doubt, that "scenery", not a dummy, and the true development … was shown. It is very a pity, if our world will not live even up to 2013 ….

For designing and creations between-spatial “SpaceShip” interested experimenters have collected the whole collection from tens unusual "receptions", methods of the manipulation with a matter and energy. At first sight these "methods" break all known physical laws, contradict thermodynamic theories, the quantum theory ….. But it only on the first sight. All the matter is that heterogeneity of a situation also allows to receive set of such effects mass exchange and energy exchange material systems which in homogeneous "situation" are really impossible. I bring pair the elementary examples.

Example 3.

If in some homogeneous material system (gas, liquid, solid body, plasma), having on all volume identical temperature T, exist sites with unequal concentrations C with dissolved substance in volume there will be diffusion C. And, diffusion occurs in such a manner that substance diffuse from area where its concentration is more - there where concentration is less. It occurs because additional Gibbs' potential (the increment of the free energy caused by dissolved substance) ΔG = RTlnC it is caused by concentration of the dissolved substance. There, where C it is less, there also it is directed diffusive stream: as the system aspires to level G on all volume of system - down to full equalizing free energy everywhere. Absolutely other situation when system is heterogeneous - consists of two not mixing up phases A and B (Fig.1). Thus, generally, Gibbs’ potentials G of "clean" substance (without C) are not equal, and happens, that there where concentration C is less, there size Go, on the contrary, it is much more. This case is presented on Fig.1. Diffusion always is made thus (in such direction) that as a result potentials Gibbs’à G = Go + RTlnC became everywhere identical. That is, if (Fig.1) Go(A) + RTlnC (A) > Go (B) + RTlnC (B) even if C (A) <<C (B), all the same carry of substance will occur to the right. (For simplicity of a statement I have not added in a ratio size of energy of a superficial tension on border of section MN between phases A and B). I do not apply even for a scanty share of originality in these laws (the pioneer is J.-W. Gibbs), but I can note, that used the given phenomenon on a large scale: in industrial synthesis of diamond crystals. Diffusion was carried out in isothermal conditions from a zone with concentration C = 0,2 % (mass) in reactor zone with concentration C = 4 - 5 %.

Process of crystallization in general is very instructive in sense of "riddles" mass transfer. For example, if in a water solution to place 10 soluble in water crystals of the different size eventually 9 from them will completely be dissolved, and one largest will get the maximal sizes - "due to" weight of the lost competitors. Thus entropy as a whole will go down. The brought example is instructive from the point of view of and "galactic" scales. If we shall enough use greater powers components Gibbs’ of "free" energy will be also increments of strong nuclear interactions (see Example 4). In all cases action of laws of self-organizing of material systems is shown.


Fig.1 Diffusive transport of substance C in heterogeneous system A-B through them separating border MN: T - temperature; C (A), C (B) - concentration A and B accordingly (C (A) <<C (B)); Go (A), Go (B) - "zero" Gibbs’ potentials of phases A and B accordingly ( Go (A) > Go (B) ). Diffusion goes from area with small concentration C to area with the big concentration.

* * *

Only in heterogeneous systems the most improbable effects at first sight contradicting all laws physics and chemistry - in particular, to the Second Beginning of thermodynamics can be shown also. But such effects also throw light on skilfully confused situations with the vulgar-free use occuring sometimes jauntily terms like “ torsion fields ”, “ thin energy ”, “ astral substances ” and to that similar delirium... In particular, only in heterogeneous systems probably "abnormal" behaviour not only a mass-exchange, but also and energy-exchange between making parts of material system.

Example 4.

In thermodynamics Gibbs-Helmholtz’s equations are known. These equations show, that the work made due to chemical reaction, can be as is equal to thermal effect, and TO EXCEED thermal effect of reaction. All depends on a sign and size of partial derivative from size of work on temperature. It is interesting, that some galvanic cells (in particular, the lead accumulator) have positive this derivative, and it emf ( electromotive force) increases with increase in temperature. In this case work appears more than thermal effect. Such element scoops heat from an environment and transforms this heat into work (in this case - in work of an electric current). Similar feature some oscillatory chemical reactions (can possess at a parametrical resonance).

Nothing reminds it to you? - I am assured, that reminds! Undoubtedly, reminds such process as a tornado ( waterspout, windspout). In tornado “ limiting rotation ” - rotation at once in all directions of space-time is realized. It is incalculable set filling all volume fine vortexes, each of which makes movement, nothing differing from "spin" rotation. There is many fact sheet about parameters, properties tornado structures. But besides to me has had the luck to observe personally also the most powerful tornado - on distance only ≈ 30 m. Behind external dust "shirt" (cover) high and rather slowly moved vertical column the thick cylindrical kernel was looked through. The kernel radiated soft is dark-bluish light (reminded mercury daylight lamp ). It, undoubtedly, was plasmoid formation. Its energy was huge: having passed on a peripheral arch through surburbs of the big city, tornado all over again was endearing and harmless (has lifted a wind of average force and peacefully passed wooden structures), but then has collected greater power and easily overturned, threw tens laden railway cars with weight of 200 tons …. Probably, it accumulated before energy, and, from thermal energy of atmospheric molecules: any other source of so huge energy was not, in all region before there was a dead calm (without a wind). Besides after the tornado has left, and rescuers began to search for some hundreds the people who have been carried away by a tornado (many - together with wooden small houses), on 10îC became colder (it was at the height of summer).

Abundantly clear, that any, wittiest experiments, with attempts to carry out existential transition (even naming it “ achievement to antigravity ”) do not require achievement of the purpose by means of greater currents, coolings up to ultralow temperatures …., etc. Every possible bifilar windings and to that similar to refinement - only a small step aside about ideas of banal mechanical (gyroscopic) rotations. The current and its magnetic field should have plasma character, thus cooling will happen by itself, at achievement of limiting powers. I even am afraid, that at probable (some day) start of such system full-scale suddenly can happen, that on the Earth there will step the World Congelation (similar to volume at which mammoths were lost). J That Gibbs-Helmholtz’s equations "worked" (in a mode desirable by us), some is absolutely necessary “ starting promotion ” a tornado which will serve us as the engine. The device for fulfilment of Space-transition should be rigidly fixed and keep the orientation

Simulating a tornado in technically improved variant, it is possible to affect on internuclear and, probably (?), intranuclear, "strong" interactions/1/. It so is obvious, as such it is natural to expect because of the fact of fundamentality and universality (in a microcosm) spin-orbit and spin-spin of interactions. Placed in isolated (adiabatic) an outer shell samples after “vortex” excesses sharply differed on structure - a cellular formation and thin-section analysis structures which, in opinion of experts, are not observed at any Earth materials. The distance between nucleuses of elements has decreased in 1.5 times, hardness unique and those mismatches at initial substances. But the most interesting (besides realization Benar’s of cells) it that, with increase in submitted power in some times, cells were more and more compressed and compressed in the sizes, coming on each of them the density of energy all increased, but ….. the temperature of object did not increase. Submitted energy as be “ somewhere failed ”. . . . . . . . . . I practically do not doubt, that there is a process of a rating of the energy, similar to a rating of known lasers, but thus "overpopu-lation" occurs at levels internuclear interactions. If to recollect a riddle “ Gor's staffs ” (the sceptre and a tiara of Pharaohs of Egypt) it is possible to imagine easily, that, unlike "usual" lasers, here is available possibility depending on character of trigger influence to receive radiation in different ranges: light, acoustic, … … gravitational (!??). But it already - essentialy "materials" technology. Besides your obedient servants and it is absolutely independent from each other such "affairs" are engaged in A.Kushelev (Moscow, the private Center “Nanotechnologes”), Valerian Sobolev (Volgograd) …., etc. Though I have not noticed at them the situation resulted above fundamental treatment: they it is simply artless “fuse( melt) and fry” mixes of substances - simply to receive as long as what "gratuitous" energy (like Kushelev's "eternal" light bulb).

I think, that problem Space -Time of transition is now practically solved, it has passed from the category scientific in an organizational category, organizational-financial. But it will be, some kind of, flight . . . " Flight from Gun on the Moon " (Jules Verne). For success of the Program it is necessary, basically, to solve two main problems (there are also others): navigation in hyperspace and working off of a method of storage of energy (the shell of "Ship"). But it is a question of special discussion.



Publishing date: April 21, 2009



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