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Latest Inventions    Power engineering    Oil DIESEL FUEL COMPOSITION.




FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns fuel composition for diesel motors. Composition includes:

a) 0.1-99 volume % of component or component mix obtained from biological materials of animal and/or fish origin by hydration and decomposition of fatty acids and/or fatty acid ethers, obtaining hydrocarbons which are further isomerised;

 b) 0-20 volume % of oxygen-containing components. Both components are mixed in emulsion form or dissolved in diesel fuel based on crude oil and/or Fischer-Tropsch process fractions. Component b) is preferably selected out of group including aliphatic alcohols, simple ethers, fatty acid ethers, water and mixes containing these components.

EFFECT: improved low-temperature performance (lower turbidity and pour point). 7 cl, 6 tbl, 3 ex

Inventor(s): JaKKULA Jukha (FI), AAL’TO Pekka (FI), NIEMI Vesa (FI), KIISKI Ulla (FI), NIKKONEN Jouko (FI), MIKKONEN Seppo (FI), PIIRAJNEN Outi (FI)

Patent ¹ 2348677

Publishing date: March 29, 2009

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