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Latest Inventions    Technologies of salvaging METHOD FOR PROCESSING OF WASTES.




FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: method includes the following stages: package of collected wastes in stacks; activation of wastes pressed in stacks for acceleration of anaerobic bacterial development that initiates start and continuation of gas release; placement of stacks into gasproof reactor, where stacks are kept until gas release completely stops; discharge of gas generated in reactor for utilisation; transportation of
remaining amount of wastes reduced in volume to desirable end site of dumping.

EFFECT: rational utilisation of part of wastes located on dump site with application of relatively fast technology, placement of remaining part reduced in volume for final storage in dump site. 6 cl, 1 dwg


Inventor: KhIETANEN Lassi (FI)

Patent 2348469

Publishing date: March 29, 2009

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