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Classified Advertising    Computers, Internet, Software, Household and Office Equipment MOBILE PUZZLEGAMES
Publishing date: February 11, 2004
Announce: MOBILE PUZZLEGAMES The original heuristic mathematical algorithm is elaborated - on the basis of which is possible realization Hard Puzzles (BrainBasters) with different semantic loadings . I have invented a series (more than 100) essentially new Puzzles classifications "everyone". Their realization and commercialization is possible : - as physical model (pocket manipulator - puzzle); - as computer game; - as electronic games; - as games for mobile telephones. Already operates the mechanism of realization of music, pictures and games through the Internet at the price of $0,7-0,9 for one file. In the world more than 1 billion cellular telephones. Now even children since five years have them. On the statistical data each European teenager has per one year about 1800 euros on personal charges which spends for pleasures. They with pleasure will use "delivery" of games through the Network ! It is interesting, is modern and it is profitable. The long-term superprofitable business which is not demanding the big financial investments is offered. The working game samples could be shown. The author is looking for a partner-investor to promote his inventions: joint patenting, production, license selling. Valery Rudenko, Ph.D.



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