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Classified Advertising    Computers, Internet, Software, Household and Office Equipment PUZZLES-MANIPULATORS WITH BONUS
Publishing date: February 11, 2004
Announce: RUDENKO PUZZLES-MANIPULATORS WITH BONUS Mechanical puzzles-manipulators (game “15”, “Rubic cube”, etc) are widely known. The aim of these games is to obtain the necessary position of the elements thanks to skilful manipulations. Having solved this problem and spent plenty of time, a person is naturally completely satisfied, realizing his intellect to be so high. However most people having failed put the puzzle aside not feeling any sense of loss. And most likely they won’t try again, so they won’t buy such puzzles again. We think the puzzle will be much more attractive if the player gets not only moral satisfaction but also some material encouragement, some award. He will be much more patient and persistent if he knows that he will get some bonus if he wins. I’ve invented a set of pocket puzzles-manipulators. The player who solves it gets some prize (a candy, a gum, money, a ticket to the cinema, a message, etc). Some relatives or friends put this bonus inside. It couldn’t be taken out less the puzzle is solved. The bonus can be visible or invisible, a kind of surprise. The game becomes very interesting as if you should look for a hidden treasure. The parents get a powerful means to effect the development of their children intellectual abilities. Kids, who earlier put away other puzzles, once starting will persistently train their brains trying to solve the puzzle and gain the reward. Now a parent can calmly fulfil his work – he is sure that his offspring will behave itself, puffing over the puzzle to obtain the surprise, simultaneously training his brains. It’s a new generation of heuristic games. Excitement and social usefulness of the puzzles with bonus will cause the general passion for these games, permitting to make much money. These puzzles will become the BESTSELLER. The company " Seven Towns " (which has bought Rubic’s rights on his cube) has offered to produce and sell my Puzzles under name Rubic (as though he has invented them !). The games are manufactured of polymer materials. Production of them could be started within 3-4 months and quickly brings profit. The working game samples could be shown. The author is looking for a reliable firm to promote his inventions: joint patenting, production, license selling. I ask to forgive for my bad English. I am Russian. Valery Rudenko, Ph.D.



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