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Author's Inventions    Biology    Biotechnologies INTRODUCTION TO QUANTUM PHONON BIOLOGY


PurposeS and Principles of Employment of the Series of Invention aggregated under the TITLE “ACOUSTICAL METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR IDENTIFICATION AND SELECTIVE TREATMENT OF A CELLULAR SYSTEM”(PCT/CZ01/00046, dated 08.26.2001)

Author: S.N. Semenov




The problem solved includes identification of frequencies of ultrasonic oscillations characterizing a certain type of cellular structures (i.e. the characteristic frequencies). These frequencies are registered by means of a measuring system characterized by a complex type of intrinsic resonances comprising the natural oscillations of both the cellular system and that of the media interacting with the latter. For the purpose of selective influence on a certain component of cellular systems it is proposed to expose the latter ones to ultrasonic waves of a significantly higher intensity at the aforesaid characteristic frequencies until the desired effect (up to the complete inactivation) is produced.

The procedure and the apparatus for implementation of the method are described. 

It is a common thing that one needs identification of cells and controlling their state and processes occurring within these in the real-time mode. Naturally, it would be desirable that these control and identification do not destroy the object being studied; otherwise, the very process of identification/control becomes senseless. Several successive identification/control operations can make the controlled object to disappear or to essentially alter (which is actually the same). Evidently, such “destructive” identification and/or control are practically absolutely inadequate for longitudinal and continuous monitoring of the state (functioning) of in vivo animal/human cells, both in normal conditions and in case of various pathologies. It would essentially not differ from biopsy; the latter, which is taking a sample of organism cells, is a surgical procedure that is in principle equivalent to an operation of excision of something from the organism. Several controls would result in lacking of an organ (controlled object) in the organism. By the way, it would be rather hard to imagine a classical biopsy, for example, in cardiology.

A similar situation arises in microbiological, food and other industries, where it is necessary to take a sample for the purposes of traditional identification and/or control, and only after that a result could be obtained. All this requires a lot of time, effort, availability of qualified personnel and special laboratories for performing microbiological studies. With this, the result obtained would be only valid for the specific sample studied. In some cases, several samples can be taken, which naturally enhances reliability and trustworthiness of the result at the expense of complication and/or increasing duration of the analysis procedure. However, this cannot absolutely guarantee the reliability of the result, as there always exists a possibility of skipping of a sample with improper features. This is especially topical in cases of contagion with pathogenic microflora of such objects, as, for example, foodstuffs, tap water or air inside premises (or in the street, which makes no difference). If an epidemic begins, it is very hard to bring this genius back into the bottle. And it does not matter whether the epidemic has been brought about by a random natural factor or intentionally (for instance, by a bio-terrorist). A glaring example in support of this conclusion could be the recent events in the USA, where anthrax had been discovered in mail.

The methods and equipment suggested in the above inventions enable avoiding these drawbacks. The patent is based on the “Model…” developed by me, the foundations of which had been first published in the brochure sent to you earlier. Briefly disclosed there were the basic principles of both classical and quantum-mechanical aspects of structure and operation of live cell membranes. One should emphasize that it is live cells we deal with. The Model possesses predicting capabilities. It is the analysis of corollaries of the Model that enabled assessments of methods and requirements to be met by quantum phonon spectrometers intended for identification and targeted effect onto cell membranes in various cellular systems, in suspension culture, in organisms, etc. Basing on these assessments, the equipment and methods of its application have been developed and tested, which constitute the essence of the patent being offered. (S.N. Semenov No PCT/ CZ01/00046 dated 08.26. 2001).

The obtained results can be claimed to witness in favor of the conclusions stemming from the Model on the phonon spectrum of various cellular systems being to the first approximation a superposition of spectra of individual cell types comprised in the system. Here we see the perfect analogy with ordinary and already common spectrum analysis of composition of various substances.

Methods and equipment being patented enable cell identification with a remote nondestructive method and performing continuous monitoring of state of various cellular groups in complex cellular systems. If desired, this can be done without affecting the properties of cells under control. However, if the opposite is desired, one can affect the life cycle of selected cells through increasing of emission intensity at resonant phonon absorption frequencies for these cells. This is actually similar to microthermics employed in Canadian Oncological Center for cancer treatment. There exist however a certain difference: In the patent I offer, heating of only selected cells occurs, as it is only these cells that absorb phonons of a certain energy. Other (non-malignant) cells remain transparent for these phonons. Naturally, the absorbed energy is then spent for heating of these cells. Thus, what is got is the remote microthermics of selected cells, which is precisely what they do in the above Oncological Center. Besides, the Model and the equipment designed basing on it enable explaining and avoiding systematic failures encountered in application ultrasound in medicine. This relates as well to application of ultrasound for treatment of oncological diseases, in particular, of prostate cancer. (Some of these patents have been reviewed in my Application.) Hence, equipments and methods I offer are more adequate for diagnostics and treatment of cancers than state-of-the-art ones. Several possible basic medical aspects of employment of inventions being offered shall be dealt with below.

Within the framework of the Model, let us consider the phenomena of intoxication and the following hangover syndrome perfectly known too many. The results obtained are dealt with in detail in Addendum 1. Here I shall only reproduce one of the most essential conclusions of this study, needing further verification, the latter being only feasible provided employing the offered equipment. This is employment of the offered methods and equipment for local and general anesthesia, that is, anesthesia without using chemicals.

Everything disclosed herein is perfectly valid also in respect of methods of controlling and affecting microflora in food, microbiological and other industries, identification of pathogenic microflora in foodstuffs, water, air, etc. Besides, these methods and equipment enable to perform inactivation of the revealed foreign microflora (particularly, of pathogenic one) simultaneously with its detection. In other words, what is meant is (among other issues) defense from biological weapons, including bio-terrorism. Moreover, employment of the offered methods and equipment provides for cutting down the identification time by factor of tens or even hundreds as compared to traditional microbiological methods, drastic simplification of this procedure and making it feasible for implementation by low-skill personnel. Operation of the equipment requires operator skills not exceeding those needed for using a home video camera.

Dealing with systems comprising independent particles, for example, with suspension cell cultures (including microorganism suspensions) is much simpler than working with organs and/or tissues of an organism. This is due to the interaction of cells with each other that must be taken into account for an organism. That is, in the latter case we have to consider ordered cellular systems, in other words, sets

As it has been demonstrated in the published articles, membranes of different cells have different surface pressure. This allows only those proteins to exist within a membrane, the surface pressure of which is not lower than that of the membrane itself. This value is constant in the course of normal cell operation. However, the surface pressure varies in the course of cell division, which is the special moment of cell vital activity. Naturally in the course of division new protein systems can arise in the membrane, which are not peculiar to the cell in the normal state, but this is no more than a particular case. If one observes the cells, which experience intensive division (contrary to normal ones), then specific proteins can be detected there. These proteins are not characteristic for normal cells. Such a situation should be observed for cells of cancer tumors, which grow especially rapidly. The authors of this discovery have been awarded the Nobel Prize of the current year 2002. However, this is not more than a particular case following from the offered Model.

It is obviously impossible to consider all corollaries from the Model, which has been offered to you earlier. Many of these can be detected, studied and used in practice only taking into account phonon quantum-mechanical nature of cellular membrane structure and operation. However, without using of methods and equipment I claim proves to be impossible.

Diagnostics and destruction of malignant tumors is a particular case. The offered methods and equipment would enable monitoring changes occurring in various cells, for example, in cardiology. Infarct, though being quite unexpected for a person, shall be necessarily preceded by changes in cardiac cells. These cells must be degenerated and not belong to the set of cells of the particular organ, which is briefly dealt with in Addendum No. 2-L. I could not find any methods apart from those offered by me that would enable such predictions in cardiology. But again, cardiology is a particular case too. The area of possible applications of the offered methods and equipment is much larger. Some aspects of their employment were partly covered in Addenda.

Possibly, application of the offered methods and equipment would be useful in analysis and treatment of the so-called “explosive” diseases, which originate “at once” and progress rapidly. There are some theoretical research based on the Model witnessing to the possibility of this, though, new approaches relying on the methods and equipment claimed in the patent are required here.

It is no doubt that physicians and other specialists would suggest new areas of application for the claimed inventions. The author recognizes his incompetence in a lot of branches of knowledge. First he was an experimentalist, but later, when his work began preventing others from calm life, he had to become a theoretician physicist involved in matters related to structure and operation of cellular systems. This saved a lot of costs for work.

Patent number: PCT/CZ01/00046
Publishing date: November 11, 2003

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