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Technology and alloys used in the manufacture of last generation gas turbine engine dictate the necessity to find high resistant matciials for cutting tools.

The plant technologist', have carried out a large amount of research work pernunod to find out optimized parameters of desiqn elements, sharoenina geometry in the tools made of the most advanced alloys such as VK 60M, VK 10XOM.

Durability of the cutting edges on difficult-to-cut sintered nick-el-chromium alloys is incroased several times in comparison with the EP-682 tool alloy which is now mainly exported.

Several structural elements of components (gas turbine engine disk diaphragms, pin holes, thin deep slots of 3mm) today can be cut only by the tools developed by the plant designers ished in the cutting laboratory of the experimental shop.

Publishing date: July 8, 2003

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