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Industrial manufacture of extragranite is a highly profitable competitive enterprise.
Potential Partners for joint industrial production of extragranite are invited to contact us.


"EXTRASTEP", Tel./Fax: (7-095) 916-6066, E-mail:;

Project manager: 

Vadim Azovtsev, Tel./Fax: (7-095) 115-1388, E-mail:

Commercial and residential construction usually requires some sort of ornamental facing material over concrete.

For that purpose some artificial and natural stone materials such as ceramic, ceramic granite, natural marble and natural granite are widely used.

OOO NPO "Extrastep" has created on the basis of Russian space technologies a newly patented ecologically and hygienically pure ornamental-facing material called - extragranite. Extragranite is well suited for both interior and exterior wall and floor coverings. Extragranite is a very attractive ornamental wall and floor covering that also has superior physical characteristics of durability, ease of maintenance and excellent adhesion characteristics to concrete. It looks just like granite, but in many aspects is superior to granite, is much cheaper than granite to manufacture and much cheaper than granite to install and to maintain.

Partners for joint industrial production are invited to contact us.

Extragranite was created by means of simulation of natural conditions of the natural granite formation in the bowels of the earth through accelerated crystallization using ecologically pure raw materials, whose base is silicon oxide (its content in extragranite makes up 70 - 76% of the material weight). Silicon oxide of different rocks -quartzite, polyspats, quartz sand - is one of the most widely spread natural materials and the base of both natural granite and extragranite. Extragranite is produced as plates measuring 300x300mm, 300x400mm in length and width and 8 to 16 mm in height. The length and width of the plates will be increased in future up to 600x800mm. While developing extragranite many properties were taken in to consideration: material durability, its economy, wide design possibilities, universality (i.e. fitness for inner and outer coating, floor-type coating, for conditions of high and low temperatures, to work under different chemical reactions), exclusiveness.

Existing stone ornamental - coating materials shortcomings

The main problem with artificial and stone materials used in construction is their short duration because of poor adhesion of ceramic and ceramic granite with concrete and significant difference of the heat expansion coefficients of known ornamental-facing materials and concrete. For example, the difference in the expansion coefficient of ceramic from that of concrete is two times, of ceramic granite - 1,6 times, of marble - 1,4 times and of granite - by 1,25 times. The importance of these differences is that all of the above mentioned materials have. That problem is their inability to properly adhere to the concrete. Extragarite has no such problems, since it expands and contracts at the same rate as concrete!

Poor adhesion of ceramic and ceramic granite with concrete can be explained by the fact that both materials are manufactured through volume compacting with high pressure force followed by volume burning Natural granite and natural marble are cut using diamond tipped saws to obtain ornamental-coating material. This makes the cut granite and marble with a very smooth back surface. To increase adhesion of natural marble or natural granite with concrete on a vertical installation, anchor fastenings must be used. This requement of using cost of installing natural granit. Visually abruption of natural granite facing can be seen at the parapets of Russian Ministry of Defense ("Arbatskaya" subway station), Mayakovsky museum ("Lubjanka"), Moscow Region Dramatic Theatre named after Ostrovsky ("Kuzminki"), publishing house "Pressa" ("Belorusskaya"), the walls of "Promradtehkbank" ("Sokol"), the stairs of Moscow Region Dramatic Theatre named after Ostrovsky ("Kuzminki").

Abruption of natural marble facing can be seen at the shops "A fur" (Tverskaya square and Strasnoy boulevard). Abruption of the foundation and the destruction of ceramic granite steps can be seen at the shop near "Pechatniki" subway station. Ceramic foundations - almost everywhere, for example, Shosseynaya str., 42. Besides, all these artificial and natural stone materials have other considerable shortcomings when compared with extragranite.

For example, ceramic has got high porosity (up to 16 %), low cold-resistance (40 cycles), considerable radioactivity and toxicities due to salt from heavy metals. Ceramic granite is mounted on pitchy adhesive base which has low cold-resistance and is nearly unfit for using it as outer facing especially in Russia, and as for inner facing, this adhesive base has considerable toxicities due to salt from heavy metals. Ceramic granite is itself based on clay and can only be produced with "rought" surface obtained while pressing. Creating a polished surface on ceramic granite by means of mechanical polishing increases the material's cost 2-5 times as much. Ceramic granite has considerable radioactivity exceeding 300 Bq/kg. That's why the use of ceramic granite for the inner coating of buildings may lead to serious and irreversible health consequences for people staying in these buildings.

Natural marble is very soft, hygroscopic, has low chemical resistance, especially to hydrochloric acid. Natural granite is magma rock rich with silica, which is one of the most wide - spread rocks in the Earth's crust. Natural granite is expensive and very radioactive. To get any surface (rough, matte, polished) expensive mechanical processing is needed.

In addition to direct radiation natural granite produce radon, which is the product of radium disintegration. While radon disintegrates radioactive nonvolatile products are generated - palladium, bismuth, plumbum isotopes which cannot practically be extracted out of human body and are carcinogens leading to the onset of oncological diseases.

General data about extragranite and its properties

1.        Durability of extragranit

Extragranite is ten times more durable than well known artificial and natural stone materials Extragranite is the first and the only stone material in the world with the coefficient of heat expansion equal to that of concrete, a very high adhesion with concrete and considerable gradient of porosity in the thick mass of the material.

Extragranite plates have been installed without anchor fastenings with only mortar at portal ceilings in a pharmacy in Leningrad avenue (still standing after more than four years) and in the First Cadet Corpus Building in Moscow.

2.        Wall rugget carpet - different degree of roughnessEconomy

Ornamental-facing material extragranite is not only 2-3 times cheaper than natural granite to produce, but also its setting is 2-3 times cheaper than that of natural granite and marble. 

3.        Ecological and hygienic safety

The ecological and hygienic safety of extragranite is confirmed with Sanitary –Epidemic Certificate by State sevise of Russian Federation ¹77 01. 03.591. P28527.091 Extragranite is easy to clean and is resistant to bacteria and fungus. It has exceptional resistance to permanent influence of chlorinated water, to treatment with cleaning and washing agents. The ecological and hygienic safety of extragranite makes it an exelent material for the inner facing of resident houses and ecologically pure industrial premises.

4.        Wide design possibilities

Wide design possibilities of extragranite are available due to a wide color range (over 400 color tints) and different surface structure: polished, "crude stone" and antiskid. Every surface structure, including combinations of different structures and regulated surface roughness, can be obtained without expensive mechanical treatment, for the first time in the world (!) – something impossible for natural granite and marble. It lets one produce plates with rough pattern, stairs with rough stripe, antiskid walkways in subway and so on.

5.        Purpose

Extragranite is intended:

- for outer facing of foundations and walls, portals and parapets, ventilated facades and facing of outer engineering constructions (including Extreme North regions)

- because of high cold resistance (over 200 cycles) and high heat resistance (over 200° C);

- for inner facing of walls and pillars, bath-rooms and kitchens, swimming pools and fountains, schools and sport complexes;

- as floor plates in halls, vestibules and passages, kitchens and toilets, bath-rooms and swimming pools, on stair landings and underground passages, subway stations and airports - because of its low abrade ability (two times lower than for natural granite);

- for inner facing in metallurgical, chemical, petroleum-refining, fuel-energetic, agrotechnics and medicinal industry - owing to its unique chemical resistance to alkalis and acids, as well as to influence of other aggressive environments and fuel and lubricant materials;

- for facing of fire escapes, fire-hazardous premises owing to high heat resistance (over 800° C) and lack of gassings out of extragranite by high temperature;

- for producing of galley dressers in kitchen sets thanks to its high hardness (two times as hard as natural marble) and unique indices of the hygienic certificate;

- for manufacturing long-life art work panels, pictures, as well as ritual articles - thanks to its wide colour range and possibility of obtaining prescribed surface structure.

6.        Using of extragranite

Extragranite can be used for facing of:

- industrial, social, trading, cultural-consumer, sport and residence buildings;

- subway stations;

- airports and air terminals;

- underground passages;

- building constructions in metallurgical, chemical, petroleum and petroleum-refining, fuel-energetic, automobile, electron and semiconductor, agrotechnics medicinal industry and agricultural-engineering complex and so on.  

7.        Advantages of extragranite in comparison with other stone ornamental-facing materials

• Extragranite and concrete have the same coefficient of heat expansion – 100 x 10-7/ºC.

As one can see in the table 1 (in section 3) natural granite has a coefficient of heat expansion at 20% lower than that of concrete, natural marble - at 30% lower, artificial ceramic granite - 35 units as low and ceramic - 50 units as low as that of concrete. Equality of extragranite with concrete heat expansion coefficients considerably enhance performance of outer facing in the conditions of low temperature fluctuations, as well as inner facing, working under conditions of cycle temperature fluctuations.

• Extragranite is an ecologically pure material: its radioactivity 40 times as low as of natural granite (see Table 1). It's necessary to pay attention to the fact that the radioactivity in Table 1 is shown for Finnish natural granite 15 mm thick, and for floor plating, stares and so on material is being used, that is 3,5 - 4 times as thick; i.e. radioactivity of a square unit of Finish granite is 40 times as much as of that of extragranite.

• Extragranite is the most pure ornamental-facing material (it has no cement dust, styrene, toluene and xylol (while their ultimate content is 30-150 units)).

• Water absorption of extragranite is 0,13%, what makes this material suitable for ecological protection from benzopyren, dioxin and radon (natural granite has 0,55%, ceramic - 2-16%); extragranite protection is 70 times better than that of brick and concrete.

• Extragranite is the most chemical resistant material: its chemical resistance to sulfuric acid is 99,99% (natural granite has 97,1%).

• Extragranite has the highest adhesion to concrete due to its active-rough inner surface and high porosity in material depth, what increases junction strength and consequently - life time.

• Extragranite has very high cold resistance - over 200 cycles (ceramic has only 40 cycles), very high heat resistance - more than 200° C (natural granite has 40° C) and very low abrasion ability - 0,06g/cm2 (granite has 0,04-2,lg/cm2).

• Extragranite has very wide color range (over 400 color shades) and regulated roughness of surface without violation of its structure and reducing its attractiveness. 

• Installation of extragranite costs 2-3 times less than that of natural granite and its price is at 20-30% lower than that of natural granite and polished ceramic granite.

Physical-mechanical characteristics of extragranite were tested in the laboratory of "Glass and glass ceramic" chair of Russian chemical-technological university named after D.I.Mendeleev, Moscow.

8.        Exclusiveness of extragranite

The possibility of extragranite installation as outer facing in winter period under the temperature below 0° C.

• There is no expensive search, prospect and exploitation of natural granite.

• There are no fissile, caverns and vugs peculiar to natural granite.

• Precise treatment of extragranite plates perimeter and the fact that extragranite has the same coefficient of heat expansion as the concrete lets one install extragranite plates without joints.

• Solving of global problem of building objects' protection from harmful outer influences: benzopyren, dioxin and radon. Exhausting gazes of the cars supplied with internal-combustion engines contain up to 93 % of benzopyren and dioxin. Benzopyren is one of the strongest carcinogens. Dioxins are highly toxic substances that have versatile physiological influence: irritate the skin, strike the liver, have mutational and carcinogenic influence, i. e. increase the frequency of appearance of malignant tumors and lead to mutation of inner organs. Dioxins can accumulate in the human body.

• Due to the fact that extragranite has a coefficient of heat expansion equal to concrete -- which isn't inherent to natural granite and marble, ceramics and ceramic granite -- as well as unique adhesion properties with concrete up to creation of monolith with it, due to the little water absorption of facade surfaces (0,13 %) (70 times lower than the water absorption of brick and concrete) a basement of a building coated with extragranite provides effective protection from harmful outside influences. This protection prevents appearance of oncologic diseases, weakening of human immune system to various illnesses and changes of genetic code of man, thereby lengthening human life.

• Solving of another global problem of building objects' protection from inner harmful influences: dust, phenol, benzol, aceton, xylol, styrene, toluene and toluene.

Extragranite does not consist dust, the content of xylol, styrene, toluene is 750,000 times lower than currently permissible levels for building materials.

Extragranite provises a solution to the global problem of building objects' protection from harmful outer influences: benzopyren, dioxin and radon. Exhaust gases of the cars with internal-combustion engines contain up to 93 % of benzopyren and dioxin. Benzopyren is one of the strongest carcinogens. Dioxins are highly toxic substances that have versatile physiological influence: irritate the skin, strike the liver, have mutational and carcinogenic influence, i. e. increase the frequency of appearance of malignant tumors and lead to mutation of inner organs. Dioxins can accumulate in the human body.


Extragranite in the whole complex of its properties and due to the probability of solving a number of global problems of building objects' protection from harmful inner and outer influences has no equal among ornamental-coating materials used in building industry.

Comparison of extragranite and other ornamental facing materials properties.   


Table 1.


Unit of measure ment


Ceramic blocks

Ceramic granite ("Mirazh")










Ultimate compression strength/ bending strength


230-3207 20,3

15-180/ 2-12









up to 100


Water absorption







Heat resistance





no date


Coefficient of heat expansion

1/°C xl0-7






Impact/shock resistance

"h" in cm



no date



Abrasion (for plates of floor)







Hardness according to MOOS







Chemical resistance H2SO4




no date

no date

no date




200 -559


no date

200 -630

Cost 1 m2







*) -nature radiation background is 11-14 m R/h

**) - obtained by extrapolation

General conception for participation in the project of industrial production and sale extragranite.  

NPO "Extrastep" Ltd. Company is seeking business partners around the world to cooperate in joint ventures or other cooperative arrangements or to invest in licensing in production this unique and valuable product.

Here are some basic properties of extragranite, making it unique:

1. The Coefficient of thermal expansion for extragranite is equivalent to that of concrete. Extragranite has a high adhesion to concrete.

2. Absence of cracks, pockets, and cavities, which are characteristic of natural granite.

3. High chemical durability to acids and alkalis - 99.96%.

4. Very high cold endurance - over 200 cycles.

5. Very high heat stability - over 200 °C.

6. Very low wear capacity.

7. Hardness close to that of granite.

8. High controllability of plane surface roughness without violation of its integrity (from mirror-like to active-rough).

9. Absence of both natural the radioactive substances and: xylene - C6 H4 (CH3)2, styrene, toluene; and other chemical substances which are generally present in all other construction materials . The lack of radioactivity necessitates the use of extragranite in hospitals, maternity homes, sanatoria, and also for construction of elite apartment houses and ecologically-pure production facilities.

10. The cost of 1 m2 of extragranite is several times lower than that of natural granite (the production cost of 1 m2 of extragranite is equal to 12 US dollars)

11. Extragranite tiles are set without the use of any anchor devices on ordinary mortar, which decreases the cost of their installation by 2-3 times as compared to natural granite.

Current Condition of Project

At present, there exists only a pilot-line production of extragranite that can produce only a limited amount of material and is unable to satisfy numerous requests of consumers. Taking into consideration the unique properties of extragranite, the demand for it is hundreds of times greater than can be offered. At construction markets of Russia, as well as at markets of other counties, such a material or material with identical properties is not available.

The fabrication technique of extragranite, as well as production equipment and material proper have been patented (the patents of the Russian Federation No. 2164896 of May 15, 2000 and No. 2169709 of December 1, 2000). Besides, international patents are currently being filed in 45 countries, which will be received within 1.5 to 2 years. NPO "Extrastep" Ltd. Company has the primary right for securing the international patents. The extragranite material received a practical approval at a number of construction facilities in the city of Moscow and was recommended by the Board for Arts of the Moscow Architectural Agency ("Moskomarkhitekture") for wide application in facing the interior and exterior of public buildings and facilities in the city. Extragranite received the Certificate of Conformance from the State Construction Committee ("Gosstroi") of the Russian Federation (No. POCC RV CJI 16.400125 of October 15, 2001), and the Sanitary-epidemiological Conclusion from the Federal Sanitary and Epidemiological Oversight Agency "GOSSES" (No. 77.01.03. 591.1X285227. 09.1 of September 20, 2001) on radiological and hygienic purity of extragranite. The demand for this material was studied in Russia and abroad.

Purpose of Project

The major purpose of the project is setting up business for production and sale of competitive products.

The source of capital could be from investors who wish, in some fashion, to enter to a joint venture with NPO “Extrastep” Ltd.Company or other cooperative arrangements , or who wish to license the technology for use in countries other than Russia (and above mentioned 45 countries).

Insertion of enough capital in to this business will allow the Company:

To satisfy demands of the market for new material.

To fill a free niche at the domestic market and, following the creation of industrial production, to put it forward to the world market.

Taking into consideration the fact that material, production process, and equipment were patented in Russia and abroad, no competition in this field is expected.

Project Realization Strategy

For attainment of the intended targets, it is planned within fourteen months from the moment of receipt of necessary capital to create a base production of extra granite, to purchase necessary domestic and imported technological equipment and rigging, mechanical aids, and to perform necessary construction-installation and startup/setup work. It is suggested that the marketing operations be performed directly by construction organizations and also by large-scale and small-scale wholesale stores. Such a structure of the sales network will allow within a minimum period and the lowest additional expenses to organize marketing, thereby raising the competitive power and consumer appeal of the product.

Among the basic factors predetermining the successful realization of the marketing program and the project as a whole, one can name the following:

- Considerable excess of demand over existing supplies of extragranite.

- High quality, uniqueness and superior properties of extragranite.

- Comparatively low production cost of one square meter of the material.

- Close cooperation between construction and design organizations.

- Wide range of extragranite application.

- Flexible pricing policy in marketing strategy.

- Patent protection of the Project in Russia and abroad.

Requirements to Production Floor Space

The size of a modular line with output of 10,000 m2 per year: 6,5 x 16 = 104 m

Ceiling height: not less than 7 meters.

For production of extragranite with annual output of 100,000 m2, floor space of 24 x 36 = 3456 m2 is required.

Manufacturing Process

Extragranite is made up of colored quenched cullet (broken glass for remelting), which is a semi-finished product of glassmaking (85%) and quartz sand (14.5%).

The production of extragranite is non-waste. The tile that failed to pass quality control is sold as "breccia" - pieces of extragranite" of irregular form. Cutting waste of extragranite tile is disintegrated and added to raw mix.

Consumption of Raw Materials and Supplies

The calculations were based on condition of annual production of 100,000 m2 of plates with a thickness of 12 mm.

Raw materials consumption: per 1 m2 per 100,000 m2

Granulated glass: 25.5kg 2,550,000kg

Quartz sand: 4.5 kg 450,000 kg

Total: 30 kg 3,000,000 kg (3 thou tons)

Electric power consumption

for fabrication of 1 m2 of extragranite tile 60 kW/hour.

Electric and Water Consumption and other raw materials and some parameters for Manufacturing Process with productivity 100,000 m2per year

The installed power of equipment is 900 kW, standby – 660 kW, total – 1560 kW.  

If it is possible to provide gas supply a manufacture, the electrical power consumption can be less in five times and extragranite cost can be made at 12% - 15% less. Besides, the quality of the product will be better.

Water for mixture dampening takes up 4% of the total mass of mixture. The consumption of water is 0,45m3 daily (166,4 ì3 per year).

The sizes of plate: 300 x 400 mm.

Weight of 1m2 extragranite tile: 30 kg.

Daily consumption of color granulated glass: 8.9 tons.

Daily consumption of quartz sand: 1.3 tons.

Daily consumption of water: 0.45 m3

Output coefficient of suitable production: 0.95

Utilization factor for equipment: 0.88

The manufacture of industrial equipment may be organized in Russia. Cost for the entire complement for industrial production capacity 100,000 m2 per year – a sum of 3 million euro.

The cost of complexes for extragranite production capacity 500,000 m2 plates of extagranite a year will be about a sum 17 million euro.

After such complexes are built and reach projected production volume, their cost-effectiveness exceeds 100%.

Payback term – less then two years from production launch.

 Russian Company NPO “Extrastep” offers investors two variants of cooperation for creation in Russia and abroad industrial automatic complexes for production of extragranite, that is new, certified and almost ready to mass-production decorative – facing material.

The first variant is appropriated for the following countries:

Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Hong-cong, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, India, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, China, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Moldavia, Monaco, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Russian Federation, Slovakia, United States of America, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,  Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Øâåöèÿ- Sweden, Switzerland,

South Africa, Japan.

We offer to investors the opportunite to become our partners in the creation of joint industrial complexes for the production of extragranite.

Suggested Equity Participation in Project

The contribution of NPO "Extrastep" Ltd. Company will comprise of:

  1. Patents and technical decisions drawn on inventions in Russia and other countries.
  2. Experimental production of extragranite and samples of the production.
  3. Certification documents for ornamental – facing material extragranite.
  4. Marketing, advertisement and other informative materials connected with promotion of extragranite to world markets.
  5. Design and technology documentation for extragranite articles and technological process.
  6. Technical decisions draw as “know-how”.
  7. The agreed draft of the contracts with Russian industrial, design and project organizations for the delivery of equipment, raw materials, complete articles etc. (in the case of necessity).
  8. Draft business plans for productions.
  9.  The calculation for patent license evaluated by the Russian Ministry of Economics at 65 million US dollars.
  10. Draft of agreement for creation a joint venture enterprise.

The contribution of a foreign partner will comprise:

           An investment venture capital in industrial complexes for extragranite production, that will be between a sum 3 million euro for annual production volume 100 000 sq m, and a sum 17 million euro for annual production volume 500,000 sq m and above.

          These financial means are appropriated for financing construction – installation and startup/ setup work as well as purchase equipment and marketing organizing.

Profit, that will be obtained after sale of extragranite have to be divided between NPO  “Extrastep” Ltd. and Partner in according to a covenant.

 The second variant is appropriate for the following countries:

1.Albania, 2.Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3.Barbados, 4. Cuba, 5. Estonia, 6. Ghana, 7.Gambia, 8. Croatia, 9. Hungary, 10. Indonesia, 11. Israel, 12 Iceland, 13.Kenya, 14.Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, 15. Republic of Korea, 16. Kazakhstan, 17. Saint Lucia, 18. Sri Lanka, 19. Liberia, 20. Lesotho, 21. Madagascar, 22. The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 23. Mongolia, 24. Malawi, 25. Norway, 26. New Zealand, 27. Poland, 28. Romania, 29. Sudan, 30. Singapore, 31. Slovenia, 32. Sierra Leone, 33. Trinidad and Tobago, 34. Uganda, 35. Uzbekistan, 36. Viet Nam, 37. Yugoslavia, 38.Australia, 39. Algeria, 40. Argentina, 41. Afghanistan, 42.Bahrain, 43., 44., 45. Bolivia, 46. Brunei Darussalam, 47. Burundi, 48. Venezuela, 49. Haiti, 50. Honduras, 51., 52. Guatemala, 53. Guinea, 54. Dominican Republic, 55. 56. Jordan, 57. Iraq, 58. Iran, 59. Ireland, 60. Yemen, 61. Cambodia, 62. Cameroon, 63. Colombia, 64. Congo, 65. Costa Rica, 66. Kuwait, 67. Lao People’s Democratic Republic, 68. Lebanon, 69. Mali, 70. Morocco- Ìàðîêêî, 71. Mozambique, 72. Monaco, 72. Monaco, 73. Nepal, 74. Nigeria, 75. Nicaragua, 76. New Zealand, 77. Oman, 78. Zimbabwe, 79. Malaysia, 80. Panama, 81. Paraguay, 82. Peru, 83. 84. Rwanda, 85. Saudi Arabia, 86. Syria, 87. Somali, 88. Sierra Leone, 89. Thailand, 90. Togo, 91. Tunisia, 92. Uruguay, 93. Philippines, 94., 95. Central African Republic, 96. Chad, 97. Chie, 98. Ecuador, 99. Ethiopia, 100. Jamaica  

Russian company NPO “Extrastep” offers to investors the opportunity to buy non-exceptional (simple) patent license (with exclusive rights) for building before 2020 year any number of automatic production complexes for manufacturing a new, certified and almost ready for mass-production artificial decorative material extragranite, that is patented in Russia and in other 45 countries of the world, but not to be patented in above 100 countries.

The value of extragranite production license is 65 millions US dollars according to evaluation made by the Ministry of Economics of Russia in 1998.

The cost of non-exclusive (simple) patent license, that will cover only one of pointed above 100 countries (with exceptional right for production and sale extragranite in that country before the end of the term of licenses’ validity in 2020) is estimated as 30% of full license cost, i.e. 20 millions US dollars.

In the case of signing by investor the agreement with NPO “Exrastep” Ltd. for buying non-exception (simple) license for production of extragranite in own (investor’s) industrial complexes and sale extragranite only in one of pointed 100 country during term of up to 2020,


NPO “Exstrastep” Ltd will provide investor with:

- Full set design, and technology documentation for extragranite production process;

-The automatic basis module with productivity 10, 000 sq m of extragranite a year;

-“Know-how” for production;

-Non standard and standard equipment for production of extragranite with participation NPO “Exstrastep” Ltd. in construction-installation, startup/setup and maintenance activities (in the case of necessity and for investor’s expenses).

Thus investor will obtain an exclusive right for production and sale extragranite material in his country during term of license’s validity before 2020 year and he will own a whole sum the profit that will be obtained in his country. 

We would like to let you know about “Extragranite-E” project that we are planning to launch in Luxembourg, member of the European Union.

The project lays out the plan for building in Luxembourg a plant for manufacturing facing material “extragranit”. The plant’s projected production volume is 3.2 million square meters of extragranit a year. In September 2003 we will register in Luxembourg a project alliance “Extragranite-E”. The alliance includes owners of extragranit patents and technology, who will own 70% of the shares. Investors willing to participate in the project will get the remaining 30% of the shares.

To finance the project Ministry of Economics of Luxembourg has decided to provide 95 million euro for seven years. 70% of the resources will be in form of cash, various preferences, tax breaks, leases, etc. Remaining 30% (about 30 million euro) are to be drawn from investors. The representative of European Commission for International Economic Relations F. Smidt conducts negotiations on the matter.

Primary owners of the patents and future venture, having the right to choose investors, offer you to participate in the project. According to the experts of European Commission for International Economic Relations, the value of the business after completion of the project, will exceed 800 million euro. You can get additional details directly from F. Smidt. Contact phone in Luxembourg
+49 651 1705842, fax: +49 651 1704825, email:; WWW:

As we are patenting extragranit in 45 countries, we also offer you an option to participate in “Extragranite” project in any region of the world.


Director General

Victor M. Meleshko

Patent number: WO 01/087784 AI
Publishing date: June 3, 2003

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