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Production of an industry
Production of an industry    Instruments    Medical facilities XISCAN 9x6 PORTABLE FLUOROSCOPIC C-ARM

XiScan 96 Portable Fluoroscopic C-Arm

Product Spec: XiScan 96 Portable Fluoroscopic C-Arm


XiScan 96 Hand Held Fluoroscope

XiScan 96 Hand Held Fluoroscope with battery pack and suitcase

performance attributes

Input Power

90 to 260 vac 50/60Hz; 300 watts max.

Battery Life

Approx. 1.5 hrs. continuous per charge

Charge Time

4 hrs

Anode Voltage

40 to 70 kVp, manual or automatic w/camera adapter

Beam Current

20 150 uA, manual or automatic w/camera adapter

Focal Spot

250 micron

Image Intensifier

Micro channel plate w/min. gain of 25,000

Field of View

2.6" (67mm)

Source to Receptor Distance

12.5" (318mm)

Clear Opening

9" (228mm)

Throat Depth

6" (152 mm)

Exposure Mode


Technique Control

Local on C-Arm


AC, C-Arm Power, and optional Video-In for AERC

C-Arm Weight

12 Ibs (5.4 kg)

System Weight

25 Ibs. (11.3 kg) including hard sided suitcase carrier

Suit Case Dims


Country: Russia
Publishing date: December 10, 2002

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