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Manufactures    Technologies of salvaging SORBENT AND MOBILE PLANT FOR ITS PRODUCTION

Sorbent and Mobile Plant for Its Production

Sorbent and mobile plant for its production are designed to eliminate liquid hydrocarbon and grease spill and clean effluent. Specialists of Subsidiary Company "Orgenergogaz" have developed Engineering and Technology enabling to eliminate oil, oil products, grease (both vegetable fat and animal fat) and other non-diluted compound spill on water and soil (primarily sand soil) and to clean effluents and gas flows.

This technology utilizes sorbent characterized by high absorption properties in relation to hydrocarbon, high absorption rate, waterproof and buoyancy.

Sorbent won gold and silver medals at "Eureka-97" and "Eureka-98" International Exhibition (Brussels). This is a proprietary design (Patent 97114927 and 97114298), application for international patents PCT/RU 97/00142, PCT/RU 97/00143, PCT/RU 98/00308 and PCT/RU 98/00 309.


  • Elimination of oil, oil products and grease spill on water and soil and cleaning of effluents.
  • Reduction of toxic compound (phenol, acetone and sour gas) concentration in water and soil.
  • Filling of different blocking and supporting facilities (mats, buoys etc.)


  • Acid and alkali-resistant.
  • Water-proof.
  • Conductive.
  • Heat-resistant at temperature up to 450C.
  • Low heat conduction.
  • High sorption rate (3 mm thick oil film is absorbed in 20 second-s).
  • 100% buoyancy during 100 days.
  • Bulk density 2-7 kg/m3
  • Sorption capacity at full saturation 
  • 1 kg of sorbent adsorbs 55 kg of oil or 45 kg of petrol. 
  • 1 m3 of sorbent absorbs 160-220 kg (0,2-0,25 m3) of oil or 
  • 130-180 kg (0,18-0,24 m3) of petrol.

Storage time is not limited.

Actually complete sorbent absorption is not achieved therefore foregoing values should be considered as limit values. For dark and light hydrocarbons absorption range is between these limits.


  • Standard sorbent is utilized in floating charge filters to clean effluents. It is also utilized to fill buoys, mats, sleeves and other blocking and supporting facilities to clean soil.
  • Magnetic sorbent is utilized to eliminate product spill on water surface and make saturated sorbent collection easier.
  • Silica gel granules used to dehumidify process air and remove liquid hydrocarbons. It is also used to dehumidify and remove moisture and gas con-densate from natural gas.

Approved Documents

  • Specification on sorbent 2164-001-0550115070-97.
  • Specification on raw materials for sorbent production 113-03-12448674-81-96.
  • Certificate of State Standard of Russia No RU. 02. 7942 confirming conformity of sorbent to specification and permitting its production.
  • Sanitary Certificate 19. .03.940..09585.7 of State Committee of Russia on Sanitary Supervision permitting sorbent production, supply, realization and utilization on the territory of Russian Federation.
  • Certificate 7439.21 on entry of Subsidiary Company "Orgener-gogaz" into State Register entitling to produce sorbent and render services on its utilization.
  • Certificate No 595-06 on State Registration of Subsidiary Company "Orgenergogaz" in Leninsky Region of Moscow District entitling to render services on sorbent utilization.


1. Sorbent (standard or magnetic powder). Supplied in standard plastic bag

  • Volume 50 liters
  • Weight 0,1-0,5 kg (dependent on bulk density)
  • Sorption Capacity of one package (oil/petrol) 9-12 liters, (8-11 kg)/8,5-12 liters, (6,5-9 kg)

2. Sorbent (standard), pressing. Supplied in plastic bags.

  • Volume 50 liters
  • Weight 0,2-1 kg (dependent on bulk density)

3. Silica gel-based granulated sorbent. Supplied in plastic bags.

  • Volume 40 liters
  • Weight 20 kg
  • Sorption Capacity of one package (gas condensate, petrol) 20-30 kg

Mobile Plant for Sorbent Production in the field

According to technology of oil, oil products and grease removal from water surface it is necessary to produce sorbent on the place of spill since its storage is not cost-effective. Raw materials required to produce sorbent take 100-200 times less space.

To achieve this goal "Orgenergogaz" specialists designed mobile plants of different capacity to produce sorbent.


  • Capacity 10-12 kg of raw materials/ hour (3-4 m3 of sorhent/hour)
  • Power Consumption 8-12 kW (220V. 50 Hz) 
  • Cooling Water Flow 90 I/hour at pressure 0,5 kg/sm2
  • Dimension and Weight 12705301370 mm; 300 kgPlant


  • Reactor Control and Protection Unit
  • Water Cooling
  • Rack for connection to mains (for stand-alone operation generator of required power can be supplied)
  • Compressor
  • Hopper
  • Operator work desk
  • Conditioner


Plant can be placed on vehicle or installed in container of required size.

Country: Russia
Publishing date: May 7, 2001

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