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Manufactures    Equipment for production a food stuff APPARATUSES FOR BEER PRODUCTION AND STORAGE

Apparatuses for Beer Production and Storage

Aluminium Beer Storage Tanks are designed for after-fermentation, enzymic clarification and storage of filtered beer under the pressure of max. 0.07 MPa and are manufactured in two versions, viz. horizontal and vertical of 8 to 50 m3 capacity acc. to type-size row.

Principal Fermentation Tanks are designed for fermentation of beer wort under the pressure of max. 0,07 MPa and operating temperature of +4C and are manufactured of 8 to 50 m3 capacities acc. to type-size row.

The -100 Aluminium Cask for beer used for transportation, storage and retail on draught. The cask volume capacity is 100 l.

The Measuring Thermostatic Apparatus of 300-l capacity is designed for unpacked retail of beer and kvass. Excessive working pressure is 0,03-0,04 MPa, filling-in beer temperature is m ix. 12C. The apparatus is a reservoir, the inside of which is manufactured of aluminium or stainless steel and placed into the thermostat. The reservoir is made of two steel barrels. A layer of heat insulation in-between the shells inhibits product temperature increasing by not more than 6C for 12-hours period of time, at the inside and outside temperature difference of 20C. The mass of the apparatus with inside barrel made of A5 aluminium is 210 kg, while that inside barrel made of 12X18HWT steel, 260 kg. Overall dimensions are 8808001800 mm.


Country: Russia
Publishing date: April 11, 2001

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