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Production of an industry
Production of an industry Health care
Dermal illnesses

Medicinal preparations


Recent updates to Health care:

Features include a 14 or 17 monitor, optional high resolution thermal printer, a snap in camera adapter which allows the user to remove the C-Arm for Portable direct view operation with the battery pack.

XiScan 9x6 Hand Held Fluoroscope and XiScan 9x6 Hand Held Fluoroscope with battery pack and suitcase.

’Biafishenol’ is a natural based food product possessing a number of medical and prophylactic properties which is obtained from fish muscular tissue oils. It is characterized by a relatively high total amount of biologically active polyunsaturated: eicosapentaenic (20:5) and docosahexaenic (22:6) acids (no less than 15% of the total fatty acids sum) which are present only in oils of fish and other aquatic organisms being absent in vegetable oils and land animals fats.

Hydrobionol is a natural medicinal and prophylactic food product obtained from fish fatty tissue by the use of electrophysical methods. Unlike vegetable oils and fats of terrestrial animals, fish oil is rich in highly unsaturated fatty acids with 20 and 22 atoms of carbon in a molecule containing 5 and 6 double bonds with a terminal carbon chain in 3 atoms of carbon. Among such acids are eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids. Therein lie the unique properties of products obtained from fish fatty tissue. Availability of highly unsaturated fatty acids provides a high biological activity of Hydrobionol.

"OCEANIC JAM" is produced from laminaria {Laminaria japonica) with sugar and food aromatic essence added. It contains a wide range of macro- and trace elements including I and Se; B, A and C-group vitamins, as well as organic matters (alginic acid, laminarin and mannitol). "OCEANIC JAM" was clinically tested at the Institute of Biophysics of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and at the Ukrainian Research Center of Radiation Medicine. "OCEANIC JAM" is advised to children and adults as dessert.

MIGI-K-LP is a salty dark-brown liquid having the smell of dry mushrooms. It is made of mussels {M.edulis galloprwincialis, M.edulis} reared in ecologically clean areas of the sea. The content of aminoacids, oligopeptides, microelements, free fatty acids, melanoidins makes MIGI-K-LP a product which is biologically highly active. It has the property of raising the general resistance of organism to adverse effects of various kinds. MIGI-K-LP can be recommended to persons who may be subjected to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, or can be given to sick persons who get their x-ray or chemical treatment, or who have chronic inflammatory disseases, immunal deficiency, metabolic dislocation, iron-deficient anaemias. It is good for treatment of traumas, thermal injuries, for increasing tolerance and working capacity of healthy people. MIGI-K-LP should be taken by 15-45 g (1-3 table spoons) a day before, during, and after meal. It should be diluted to your taste with water, vegetable juice, or is added to cooked dishes. MIGI-K-LP improves the taste of food considerably, when used as an additive.

The dmg Mycoran is obtained from the mycelium of lower fungi grown on inexpensive and readily available media. The purification procedure includes two stages using chemical reagents. The active substances involved are the polysaccharides - chitin and chitosan (Patent of the Russian Federation, 1997).


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