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Production of an industry
Production of an industry Technologies of purification

GIPRONIIAVIAPROM JSC has developed a new production process for purification of painting production effluent. This process includes know-how and is protected by the patent 2077930 of Russian Federation; it was also awarded bronze medal at the International Exhibition in Brussels "Eureka-96". It can be used for manual or automatic pneumatic painting of products of different sizes and shapes applying any lacquering and painting materials.

The catalyst is designed for using in exhaust gas neutralizers of diesel-powered trucks, electric power plants and different power supply units.

Scratchalizer is used at the sucker rods of SSRP in order of rod wear reduction and lifting pipes mechanical dewaxing. Depending on a rod wiper stroke length and the length of sucker-rods, from 5 to 11 scratchalizers are fixed at one rod.


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