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Production of an industry
Production of an industry Physics
Lasers and physics of lasers

Quantum physics

Physics of atom

Physical chemistry

Recent updates to Physics:

A product obtained synthetically from benzol. Empirical formula C6H11(OH). Used for organic synthesis and as a flotoagent.

A product of benzol hydration. Empirical formula is C6H12. Is used in the production of insomers for chemical fibres and as a dissolvent.

The special feature of this generator type is the possibility to generate neutron pulses having duration from 5...10 microsec to several milliseconds and frequency from hundreds Hz to tens kHz.

The special feature of this generator type is the possibility to generate the single neutron pulses within nanosecond range with very high (up to 10^18 n/s) intensity.

Generators using sealed neutron tubes with spark ion sources - generators using vacuum tubes; generators using sealed neutron tubes with Penning ion sources - generators using gas-filled tubes; generators using sealed chambers of plasma focus (PF chambers) where neutrons are produced in non-cylindrical Z-pinch.


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