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Essence of Utility Model: in the knife for the cutting of wet and/or adherent products that has the handle and the blade with the cutting edge, the blade is made in a form of elongate hollow frame or its part. The blade is provided with at least one protruding long part, and the frame hollow is filled up with non-metallic material. The knife having such blade combines the properties of metallic materials, such as hardness and strength, and the properties of some non-metallic materials low density (in comparison with metals), low adhesion towards many food products, and, the main thing, ample opportunities for design: easy forming, combination of materials of various colours, texture and degree of transparence.

Combination of metal and plastic provides expressive advertising and design functions and at the same time, what is important, preserving their utility properties as our implements combine the best properties of metal materials, such as hardness and everlasting wear, and properties of non-metal materials low specific gravity, low adhesion and inactivity towards many food products, and the main thing, boundless opportunities for design: easy forming, combinations of materials of various colours, texture and transparency.


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