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Author's Inventions
Author's Inventions Military engineering and weapon

The advanced design is cartridge shell, stabilized by rotation consisting of a body with by leading belt and knock-out floor, head time aerial-burst fuse and battle members, established in a body, of the disk form.Stabilization, planning and rational dispersion of disk battle members the ambassador let from bodies of a shell, implements at the expense of rotation obtained from bodies of a shell.

The advanced design is an artillery shell (shrapnel effect), stabilized by rotation equipped off-the shelf striking members, executed by the way of disks with cutting fingers, at it lesion of the purposes implements cutting fingers for the score of energy of rotation of disks around of a figure axis obtained from a body shell at the moment of let.

The principle of action of the round is based on the work of the construction in the varying-locked room. The projected distance of damage is 130-150 meters. The round was projected for usage with M16/M4. The round allows to shoot in a single-shot mode or with series. The round can be used like with automatic like with self-loading fire-arms.


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