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Articles and Publication Technologies of the savings of resources

Manufacturing of large ship details and units as integral toilful and complex process. Complexity of ship designs, such as anchors, arms and rudders obviously causes reception of the certain quantity of defective cast preparations [1]. To avoid occurrence of spoilage at molding, dismember on some fineer parts. However, in this case, there is a necessity of the further connection separately parts in a single whole a product. Prior to the beginning of 50th years to connection of separate parts were applied very expensive and toilful connections. Manual multipass welding of parts appeared even less effective. Despite of simplification of the form of products, expenses for manufacturing of designs have not decreased. And if it was possible to reduce and metalwork works the volume of welding works immeasurably grew.
Publishing date: July 6, 2004

At the present time, ecological and energy problems of fuel use around the world became more and more visible, factual, and global. The best results from present progress and world development we can get from fuel exchange for our transportation system. The escalating of organic fuel use will be impossible soon. It is caused by limitation of oil resources, increasing of oil requirement of other industries, pollution of an environment. Hydrogen (liquid and gaseous) is the most perspective power supply now. Today, quantity of airplanes, engines, and airports are so huge, that the exchange of fuel seems very expensive and long time process. Basic ideas of fuel exchange are briefly described in this article.
Publishing date: October 14, 2002


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