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Articles and Publication Ecology

The main problems on the way of steady civilization development on its up-to-date evolution stage are surely acute global power-producing and ecological problems. The evidencies of this global civilization crisis are particularly the U.N.O. (United Nations Organization) Appeal to the world community, known as Kyoto Universal Ecological Agreement, stating the beginning of the global ecological crisis, climate chaging and working out the integrated states strategy in the sphere of environmental measures especially restriction of pollutant and carbon oxide emissions in the atmosphere, by the way, not signed in the USA. The attempts of the world community to solve these global and interrelated problems of power engineering ecology only by administrative measures demonstrate once more the failure of civilization to manage with these difficult tasks. Now the alternative power-engineering is also uncapable to solve this progressing global crisis. Is there a way out and what is the main idea of civilization rescue? We belive that this efficient and new way of the wold community is based on the development of a new power-producing methology conception concerning using the electric and magnetic fields energy for creating clear and effective technologies proposed and its soonest application. In the result there will be abundance of energy and in the mean time an ecologocal problem will be solved. This is the main idea and significance of Dudyshev new discoveries and effective technologies the theme of our report.
Publishing date: April 12, 2005

A part of the European North- Barents Region is an important geopolitical and economic region of our planet. Here there are concentrated huge reserves of various ores, diamonds, oil and gas. It is washed by the Atlantic seas which are the traditional places of fishery. The region is envisaging further development for mutually beneficial economic co-operation. At the same time it is one of the regions where the activities dealing with use of nuclear energy are extraordinarily intensive. Nuclear proving ground on Novaya Zemlya, Kola Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), the only in the world atomic ice-breaker fleet being in exploitation by the Murmansk Shipping Company, ships and submarines with nuclear energetic plants of the Northern Fleet of Russia, coastal bases and works serving atomic civil and military ships, nuclear weapon of Russia and NATO, atomic submarines of USA and Great Britain patrolling in the Northern seas- this is a far from being complete list of possible and real sources of radioactive pollution.
Publishing date: November 11, 2002

Nuclear and radiation safety is of great importance for all countries. Its achievement is impossible without corresponding information space. Information activities in the sphere of radioecology, especially of the Russian side, have to be improved. For instance, seeing the plans on establishment of new objects for placing radioactive materials (radioactive waste, reactor units of atomic submarines, spent nuclear fuel) according to the western standards in the Barents-region, as well as of the Information and Educational Center for Population on Nuclear Problems [1]. Experience on coverage of the "Kursk" submarine disaster situation at all stages of its development should also be taken into consideration.
Publishing date: November 4, 2002


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