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Articles and Publication Economy and economic analyst

In this article there are studied main reasons which had prevented the modern western economic theory to become a complete conception.
Publishing date: September 26, 2011

In this article there is offered a totally new view on economics, which let bring all the economic theories to the fundamentally single axiomatic basis.
Publishing date: September 26, 2011

In the article there are shown the dynamics of Russian-German economic relations during the period from 1970 until 2011. It is considered the interaction structure of both economics. Statistical data of macroeconomic and foreign trade indicators are given
Publishing date: September 10, 2011

 The main problem of Marxism was perhaps in a misunderstanding of the relationship of morality and the economy. Marx believed that morality is a function of the economic system, labor relations, is completely determined by them. He believed that under capitalism the workers, not being owners of the means of production, are not interested in the result of labor, but under socialism, they - the owners, working conscientiously for the benefit of society and therefore the productivity of labor under socialism will necessarily be higher. But it turned out the opposite.
Publishing date: July 27, 2011

Everything what is written here looks like a scientific article. If anybody tries to describe the canvases of Rembrand or Bachís fugues in scientific language, God knows what will be the result. But the scientific language enables to form the thought and to transfer it at a distance. Business is a skill. And each skill is above science since it makes use of science for its practical purposes. The scientific text can not reproduce the vivid spirit of business. It is impossible to describe the technology by the sentences of the type ďhere we shall put a dotĒ or ďhere it is necessary to feel a doubtĒ. It is impossible to describe such nuances in full, but one can explain them easily ďin fingersĒ. In real life everything is rather easier. Our technologies operate very easily. They are being used in private firms and have good market prospects.
Publishing date: December 8, 2003

International research programs take an essential place in modern system of global economic cooperationís. For realization of such programs, there was a whole group of transnational scientific corporationís /TSC/ including various organizational-structural parts. A material basis of TSC consolidation is optimization of the counter information-financial streams, convergences of the national intellectual property representing the external party. Conceptual basis of TSC makes globalization of corporate scientific researches. Simultaneously there is a change of investment titles of intellectual products proprietors, reducing of joint-stock risks to standard forms of bonded issue. Analytical researches of international communications financial mechanisms show actualization of processes scientific management in the field of knowledge transport. Thus, a cardinal image the nomenclature of scientific products with replacement of technological objects of know-how on fundamental projects varies.
Publishing date: July 28, 2003

The modern economic policy of the majority of new independent states /NIS/ the East Europe is directed on integration of the economic systems to economic. Similar integration processes are closely connected to convergence of mutually advantageous foreign economic relations. Defect of internal credit resources NIS forces them to search for external financial donors among whom the special place is borrowed with investment corporate associationís /ICA/. Structure ICA depends on many circumstances of their formation and in the general view contains a functional triad: the investment company - industrial group - a law firm.
Publishing date: July 7, 2003

Stage-by-stage entry of national economic structures of the new independent states in system of the world Market is characterized by constant non-standard innovational financial mechanisms. Similar mechanisms not always to the full correspond to national legislative base, and their application demands the careful preliminary analysis in each concrete situation. As vivid examples of adaptable difficulties of leveling to the usual economic relations introduction of circuits the stand - by and the deferred hypothecary mortgaging obligations serves. Among formed corporate economic models, the certain interest is caused with innovations in sphere of development and optimization of financial streams between non-profitable foreign organizations and the most various national subjects of research-and-production activity.
Publishing date: June 23, 2003


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